*Wellbeing Hamper from Whittard of Chelsea

*Whittard of Chelsea are a brand I have admired from a far for a long time now.

I had been desperate to try their loose teas, and had heard rave reviews about their hot chocolate.

Apparently it is blooming sensational!

When *Whittard of Chelsea contacted me to see if I would like to receive a wellness hamper to kick start my New Year, how could I resist?

*Wellbeing Hamper from Whittard of Chelsea

The hamper landed on my desk one rainy and freezing afternoon.

The timing couldn’t have been any better.

I had endured a long busy day, and was feeling a little under the weather.

The hamper as you can see was jam packed with an array of goodies.

The two loose teas sounded utterly delicious, fruity and refreshing.

The Mango & Bergamot Green Tea is packed with anti-oxidants and high quality green sencha tea, picked in early spring and steamed and rolled to maintain their verdant colour and herby taste. The loose leaves also include a blend of rose, sunflower and blue cornflower petals.

The mango flavour is very prominent, but is balanced with the nuttiness and bitterness of the green tea.

Dreamtime Infusion is a caffeine-free blend of malty rooibos, velvety apricots, creamy vanilla and a spoonful of honey.

I can only describe this as a giant hug for the palette.

A soothing, sweet and relaxing sensation washes over me with each sip.

*Wellbeing Hamper from Whittard of Chelsea

I have never owned a tea infuser, I usually indulged in such luxuries at afternoon tea, or when I visited a plush cafe.

Oh my gosh, how I have been missing out.

I have been settling down each night with my cup infuser, jam packed with the Midnight blend, a good book, and a pack of Whitworths Shots.

(The toffee and pecan ones are total perfection).

*Wellbeing Hamper from Whittard of Chelsea

As I become older, I am so appreciative of the smaller things in life.

My cosy bed, a cup of tea, a tasty treat, and a hot bath.

I really enjoy the calmness and tranquility these sort of activities bring after a busy day.

They soothe and calm me.

Relaxing in a hot bubble bath is hands down one of my favourite parts of the day. A Peppermint soap was included in the hamper from Soap Folk, it has an invigorating scent and is enriched with Rosemary Oil.

It lathers up wonderfully, and makes the perfect shaving companion.

I must admit when I become a Mum, I found that I can be a little mean when it comes to treating myself.

I have a “If I don’t really need it, then I don’t buy it” type of approach.

But little treats now and again are good for the soul.

I really did not think a new shiny tea diffuser would spark so much joy.

But with the cold dark nights well and truly here, I have enjoyed nothing more than curling up in bed with a cuppa and winding down.

I find the best way to do this is either reading, listening to an audio book, or colouring in.

I started colouring in a couple of years ago now, and find it clears and rests my mind when it is feeling fuzzy.

I actually had a similar version of this Mindfulness Colouring Book and finished it a couple of months ago, so I am happy I now have a new one to start.

I am so glad I have had the opportunity to try out Whittard of Chelsea range of teas, and plan on treating myself to their Rocky Road Hot Chocolate and Peppermint teabags.

If you an avid tea drinker or have any family or friends who are, I can really recommend you visit their website here and have a nose at all the delightful teas, coffee and hot chocolate they have on offer.

What are your favourite teas, coffee or hot chocolate?


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