Skincare Favourites 2018 – Part 2

If you read my Skincare Favourites 2018- Part 1 post here then you will know that I am doing a run-down of all my favourite skincare products of 2018.

I have used and adored a lot of skincare products over the past 12 months, but the products featured within these posts are the ones I couldn’t be without, they are the ones that work wonders or me.

Today’s post will be solely focusing on….

The products that calm, soothe, nourish and hydrate my skin:

Skincare Favourites 2018 - Part 2

When my skin feels super dry/dehydrated and appears dull and lack lustre, the products featured today are my go-to products to help help my skin instantly appear more healthy, and more importantly feel less tight, dry and uncomfortable.

Clarins Gel Melt Cleanser:

My all time favourite cleanser. I usually steer clear of gel style cleansers, but this is the one exception. The gel feels smooth on application and has a rich oil texture. You are advised to massage into the skin and when you apply water, the formula turns into a light milky fluid.

The gentle yet effective addition of Marula Plant Oil feels soothing, and removes the majority of stubborn make-up, and leaves my skin soft and supple.

A cleanser is usually applied to cleanse and remove make-up and dirt, but I feel this goes one step further, it nourishes, calms and soothes the skin.

If you have dry/dehydrated skin like me then I can highly recommend.

*Christian Breton Ice Stick Eye Contour:

The product is a white firm oval stick and you are advised to store it in the fridge to optimise the cooling and soothing effect when applied.

After a week of using this my under eye area appeared less puffy, fine lines were diminished, the area appeared so hydrated and concealer applied much more flawlessly.

Christian Breton claim that it has a specific targeted formula, that helps improve circulation and water retention around the eye area.

On application, the stick adheres to the eye contour exerting a pressure which helps the active ingredients to penetrate.

I have been using this for around 4 months, and still have a little left. Even though 3g of product doesn’t sound like a tremendous amount for the price (£30) it’s a solid stick formula so you don’t use much at all, and I would say using day and night, it lasts around 3- 4 months.

I am yet to repurchase any eye skincare products that I have tried over the years, but this has wowed me and I have already ordered a back-up for my stash.

Skincare Favourites 2018 - Part 2

Clinque Moisture Surge:

I absolutely adore the Moisture Surge range from Clinique, I have used it for many years now.

It’s an oil free cream gel that instantly hydrates and repairs the skins moisture barrier.

If you have dry/dehydrated skin then you will know how tight and uncomfortable it can feel.

This works in relieving this tight sensation. It feels wet, cooling, calming and refreshing when applied.

It sinks in really quickly, leaving the skin instantly hydrated, smooth and silky. It helps to plump out fine lines and leave skin appearing hydrated, dewy and feeling soft and supple.

If you have dry/dehydrated skin, this would be my number 1 product recommendation.

Clarins Santal Oil:

The essential oils of Sandalwood, Cardamom and Lavender tones, soothes, comforts and decongest skin that is irritated or stressed. This oil is aimed for dry skin, and it claims to reduce redness and target fine lines.

It’s a rich oil that feels light on application. It doesn’t feel greasy and feels very soothing. It helps reduce redness and hydrates the skin.

If I had to pick just one range of facial oils, then it would have to be Clarins.

Skincare Favourites 2018 - Part 2

*Antipodes Manuka Honey Mask:

The cream is a white light formula, and it smells incredible. A light sumptuous warming honey aroma.

It contains a formula that’s been a traditional remedy of the New Zealand Maori people, with antibacterial Manuka honey.

The cream feels light, smooth, creamy and nourishing when first applied to the skin. Afterwards my skin feels incredibly soft and hydrated, it’s a beautiful and relaxing face mask. This is my go to mask when I am feeling run down, unwell, or a little ropey. Due to the Manuka honey and the anti-bacterial properties this product is perfect for when the skin is dry, congested or enflamed.

When the skin is hydrated a whole range of skin issues can be rectified. Fine lines appear more plump, skin tone can become smoother, and redness can be reduced.

Keeping my skin hydrated is one of main priorities. Hydrated skin equals happy skin!

So that is part two done and dusted, I really hope you are enjoying the posts so far.

I am really loving sharing all my favourite skincare products of 2018 with you all.


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