New Year, But No New Me?

Starting a New Year, I usually have a mind packed full of goals and dreams, and a brand new diary full to the brim with plans.

The start of 2019 has been different.

I don’t have any huge plans, dreams or goals for the year ahead, and this unsurety left me feeling a little worried, deflated and concerned.

I haven’t even bought a new sparkly diary!

New Year, But No New Me?

Speaking to my friend Molly about the concerns I had heading in to 2019, she said:

“Maybe I am doing well enough?

Maybe it is a sign to just let things happen, and intuition guide me”.

To be honest, at this present time I couldn’t relate to anything more.

Which was a peculiar feeling.

I was always the gal with a plan, having goals and to-do lists was familiar and comforting, it pumped through my veins.

But her message alerted me to the fact that I am fulfilled, I am incredibly grateful and happy with my life, each and every aspect is a blessing.

So maybe 2019 isn’t the year were I have a diary full of to-do lists, and a mind full of plans?

Maybe this year I will take each day as it comes?

Live spontaneously?

I decided to jot all this down because maybe you feel a little like me?

Maybe you are going into 2019 feeling a little unsure about what you want to achieve, and what the future holds?

And I just wanted to say, you are not alone.

The only thing I am sure I want to accomplish in 2019, is to put my best self forward each day.

To try and be more kinder, thoughtful, hard-working, courageous, sincere, understanding and loving.

Hopefully trying to improve on these traits will positively underpin anything that comes my way in 2019.

Maybe this is what my vibe is meant to be for the New Year.


And I plan on embracing it with my whole heart.

Whatever 2019 has in store for you, I wish you all the very best.



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