*Moroccanoil Complete Your Color Set Review

The *Moroccanoil Complete Your Color Set is a travel kit that claims to extend the life of your colour. 

Included in the set is:

  • Color Continue Shampoo 70 ml
  • Colour Conditioner 70 ml 
  • Protect & Prevent Spray 50 ml

The Color care experience starts at a salon . (You can find salons that provides the two step treatment in your local area here)

The Color Complete Set then helps you continue this care at home.

The formula of the shampoo and conditioner claims to continuously repair both physically and chemically using COLORLINK™ technology that gently cleansers hair without drying it out.

It claims to restore hair’s quality, so that it can better retain colour.

The Protect & Prevent Spray provides on-the-go protection against the everyday factors that cause colour to fade or become brassy, including pollution, UV and thermal damage.

If you colour your hair, and want to extend the life of the colour and prevent split ends and hair breakage you are advised to use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner.

The *Complete Your Color products are sulfate-free and enriched with ArganID technology that claims to infuse Argan Oil into the cortex, which is the thickest hair layer and contains most of the hairs pigment.

A protective shield is formed, and this helps to protect the hair from colour washout.

Moroccanoil state that after 10 washes the range is scientifically proven to address daily environmental stressors that cause coloured hair to become brassy, and extend colour vibrancy by 100%.

I didn’t venture to a salon for the first phase of the treatment. I had my hair coloured and cut by my usual stylist, and dived straight in using this set. Three weeks in and I must say, I am chuffed!

The condition of my hair has improved drastically it appears shiny, soft and sleek.

I do feel the fact I had my hair coloured and a good cut, and then used this set has enhanced the results, but 3 weeks later and my colour appears as vibrant as ever.

I feel this set would be particularly beneficial for people with coloured fine hair, as these products have given my hair slightly more body and volume.

I am so tempted to book in for the salon treatment as I am so impressed with the results from the at home kit, I can only imagine when combining the two that the results would be even more apparent. 

Do you think this would be a treatment you would be interested in?

If you fancy a nose at this set, you can shop the range here


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