*A Night at Mecca Bingo

This is a *slightly* different to what I usually post.

But one I hope you will enjoy.

In all honesty I never thought the Bingo was for me, I remember going years and years ago with my Auntie and couldn’t keep up with the Bingo caller and ended up missing loads of numbers, much to my Auntie’s dismay – she never invited me back.

Can’t really blame her, huh?

(Picture sourced from Mecca Bingo)

*Mecca Bingo invited me along with my friends to attend a game of Bingo, and to see my favourite band from my childhood, 5ive!

Fourteen year old Antonia could not pass up this opportunity, and me and the ladies all headed on down for a night of bingo and boogying.

I never really venture on nights out that often, and was a little apprehensive about what to expect.

I was quite surprised to see how the Bingo has changed. There was an array of bars and food stands and you can now play bingo on a sort of tablet device, but we opted to keep it old-school and used a good old bingo dabber and pad.

We was escorted to our table, and the staff were all incredibly polite, friendly and chatty.

The Bingo hall was full to the brim, and there was a very lively and fun atmosphere.

We played five games of bingo, and I was a little taken aback by how seriously we all took it.

Even though there was an air of seriousness, the bingo caller was making the odd jokes and making the crowd laugh and heckle out.

We really got into the swing of things and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Unfortunately we didn’t win, but we all lots of fun none the less.

We got ourselves some snacks and drinks from the bar, and eagerly awaited the arrival of 5ive.

Even though there was only three members: Sean, Scott & Richie.

Oh wow they put on the best show.

The sang all their hit songs, with a few classics threw in the mix from other artists.

The crowd was heaving, and everyone was dancing away and singing.

I didn’t manage to get any pictures as I dancing away, but I think this reaffirms how much fun everyone was having.

When 5ive left the stage, a DJ came on and everyone was invited to carry on the party.

I must say we had an absolutely brilliant time. It was a different and unique night out, and we all didn’t stop laughing, dancing and singing.

If you are in the Liverpool area or have a Mecca Bingo wherever you may be in the U.K, keep an eye out for any events they may have on.

Grab some friends and head on down, I can guarantee you will have so much fun.


* This experience was complimentary, but as always all views are my own and honest.

Please visit my Disclaimer for more information.


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