*Simple Acts of Kindness – at Christmas Time

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Christmas is a wonderful time of year for the majority of us, but for some it can be the toughest.

People who may be struggling with feelings of anxiety, depression, loneliness, or low self-esteem are more likely to feel increased pressure around the festive period.

It is important to be conscious of those around us, and spread kindness when possible.

Christmas is a busy time, and sometimes its easy to walk on by, encased in our own festive bubble.

Random acts of kindness is a simple concept, in many ways we incorporate them into each day.

From giving up our seat on a train, to asking someone who may not seem themselves, are they okay?

Recognising that some people need help, and how a small positive action can change someone’s day, or even save a life, has prompted the launch of a campaign by Virgin Trains, in collaboration with Rethink Mental Illness called: “A Wonderful Line”.

The scripts of the well known film: “A Wonderful Life” will be painted next to the yellow line across platforms running the length of the Virgin Routes in December.

The opening scenes were unveiled at London Euston Station on the 22nd  November.

7 .5km of script will be painted throughout December over 14 nights in 14 locations, where at Glasgow Central the finale will take place, where a cast will be singing Auld Lang Syne.

Image Virgin Trains

A Wonderful Life is a film that has stood the test of time, and I feel it is the perfect way to relay the message of love, hope, redemption and companionship.

A story about a man George Bailey, who gives up on his dreams and aspirations, to help others, who then feels he is not worthy or achieved what he desired, and contemplates suicide.

His guardian angel Clarence, intervenes and shows him what it would be like if he had never been born. He shows George all the wonderful acts of kindness he has done throughout his life, and the people he has touched.

Image Virgin Trains

A striking, important, message that is more relevant than ever, how one kind person can touch the lives of so many people for the better.

If you are travelling on any Virgin Trains over the festive period, keep your eyes peeled for the scripts, and if possible a closer eye on those around us.

You never know who may need to have a chat, receive a smile, or be uplifted by a simple hello.

You can find out more about this powerful and moving campaign here


*This is a collaborative post, please see my Disclaimer for more information.


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