*The Summerton Club- Christmas Gift Idea

One of the hardest people to buy gifts for, is my Dad.

I think a lot of people can relate to this.

Every birthday and Christmas I scour the internet trying to source a gift that I hope he will like, and most of all use.

Whilst my Dad isn’t a big drinker, in the Winter months him and my Mum are partial to a Hot Toddy of a Saturday night.

So I always pop a bottle of Whiskey into their gift bag.

Whiskey has so many health benefits, when drank in small amounts and moderately.

It can help type 2 Diabetes, aid weight loss, reduce risk of cancer, reduce stress, and give you a memory boost.

*Mackmyra Gruvguld Single Malt Whiskey - Christmas Gift Idea


Whisky starts life as a beer.

*The Summerton Club is a Whiskey subscription service that offers their members exclusive access to unique bottles of Whiskey, the types of Whiskey that are not typically found on a supermarket shelf.

The subscription can be monthly, bi monthly and quarterly and each bottle of Whiskey will be 50cl, and securely packaged and delivered to the recipients door.

This service is a great way to build up yours, or a loved ones drinks cabinet and explore rare and exclusive Whiskeys.

This month the bottle was the *Mackmyra Gruvguld (Gold from the mine) and it has been aged in small casks of 30, 100 and 128 litres, in the mine of Bodås, 50 metres below ground.

The *Mackmyra Gruvgold is not available to purchase in the UK, which for me personally highlights the exclusivity of this service.

Whilst Sweden isn’t renowned for making Whiskey they are home to one of the worlds purest water supplies. The quality of the water when making Whiskey is crucial as the presence of natural salts in water helps to lower PH and improve fermentation. This, and the combination of Swedish Barley creates a sweetness that has become the cornerstone of Mackmya Whiskey.

I am no whiskey connoisseur but this Gruvgold Whiskey has great reviews across the web.

It is described as a light fruity whiskey that has hints of all spice, tobacco and grassy notes, it is described as having a good balance of sweetness, dryness and sourness.

The bottle of Gruvgold Whiskey is housed in a tall sturdy box and has a ombre design.

The overall aesthetic of *The Summerton Club subscription is unique and has a luxurious feel.

I am really excited to give this to my Dad at Christmas, I feel he is going to appreciate sampling this exclusive Whiskey over the festive season.

If you want to find out more about this subscription, you can visit *The Summerton Club website here.


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