*Holiday Destinations, Does Social Media Influence our Decision?

(This is a Collaborative Post)

Scrolling through Instagram is a pass time that is pretty normal for the majority of us.

I really love keeping up with all my family, friends and my favourite businesses and blog/vlog accounts.

It’s a quick and easy way to keep up-to-date with all things new in the world.

Instagrammable worthy pictures is now a thing, a picture can tell a thousand words and relay information in a concise and engaging way.

It’s a well known fact that people are attracted to visual content, we like to see the product we are interested in, the recipe we plan on making, and the holiday destination we are travelling to.

The more prettier and unique the picture, the better.

Through Instagram I have come across new products, crafts, hacks, interior tips and holiday destinations.

Social media has influenced me when I have been planning and booking holidays for a number of years now.

In a way I really like that I have found new places to explore and visit, all because I seen a picture online.

Social media has brought an array of hidden holiday gems into my life, and seeing people travel has helped me to overcome travel anxiety, and step out of my comfort zone and visit new places.

But like everything in life, there is always negatives attached.

A survey of over 1000 UK adults, aged between 18 and 33 which was undertaken by holiday home insurance company Schofields Insurance, and revealed that according to the research the number one factor when choosing a holiday for people aged between 18-33 was how their holiday will appear online.

“The concern as to how holiday snaps would appear online proved more of a motivating factor than the opportunities to immerse themselves in the local culture, local sightseeing and even the cost and availability of alcohol.”

So reading this got me thinking. I love finding new destinations and feel inspired about travelling to a new part of the world, but do I subconsciously maybe pick these sort of holidays as I want to replicate these pictures for my social media?

Truthfully, In a small way I think I may do.

When I was younger and a friend or family member popped around, I remember my Nan getting out our holiday snaps and everyone rushing around to have a nose at them.

The snap of us outside the Disney castle, the picture next to the Statue of Liberty, these sorts of images gave us goose bumps, and looked pretty spectacular.

They always took pride of place in a frame on the wall, but the picture of me fast asleep on the plane on the way home, not so much.

So whilst I agree that people may choose holidays because the way they appear online, I think in a way we all have been motivated to visit places even prior to social media, just to get a cracking picture.

Visiting a destination is about spending time with family and friends, exploring, immersing ourselves in a new culture, trying new things, and relaxing and taking a break from the norm.

Whilst the photos we take hold great importance, and reignite our memories and are fun to share online.

They are a small part of the overall experience.

I must say I do feel pretty shocked that 40% of people in this survey solely were motivated to visit a certain destination just to get a snapshot to share on Instagram. I was aware it was a contributing factor, but not to this extent.

Has this research revealed that the drive to have the perfect online life may be starting to affect real life decisions?

What are your thoughts about this survey?

As you can see I have mixed views but I would love to know yours, hit me up in the comments.


(This is a Collaborative Post, please visit my Disclaimer here

for more information.)


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