*Antipodes Halo Skin-Brightening Facial Mud Mask Review

Mud style masks are my go-to mask to exfoliate and withdraw impurities from my skin.

I don’t use them on a regular basis as my skin is a little dry/dehydrated for a good chunk of the year.

But I always up my usage of mud masks when I am hormonal, as my chin becomes home to a cluster of under the skin spots.

I find mud and clay based masks assist in withdrawing the little terrors and all their impurities, and help to dry them up and heal quicker.

I admire Antipodes as a brand their ethos and philosophies are forward thinking, and a bench mark for companies who do still test on animals.

*Antipodes Halo Skin Brightening Mud Mask is described as a high-performance detox for the skin. It contains volcanic mud from New Zealand that helps to tone and calm the skin, and a wide range of plant based ingredients that include peony (helps calm and leave skin smooth) and jojoba (helps to exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin).

The mask smells delightful, very rejuvenating and up-lifting.

It has a slight hint of raspberry and peony, it was something I didn’t expect as most mud masks smell of, well, they smell of mud……..

There is a small spatula included that helps you to distribute the mask, and help keep cross contamination at bay.

The texture of the mask is quite thick, but it spreads smoothly over the face and feels light on first application.

As time progresses the mask starts to harden, and feel a little heavier.

I have used it twice a week as advised, and I always fully cleanse my skin then pop a thick layer all over my face.

I will then hop in the bath, and remove with a flannel 15 minutes later.

I always remove mud style masks in the bath, just because the residue can get everywhere.

Over the years I find this a much easier and cleaner approach to remove these style of masks, and avoid the utter massacre of mud splashed all over my bathroom sink.

*Antipodes Halo Skin-Brightening Facial Mud Mask Review

The mask sets hard after 15 minutes, and takes a little bit of elbow grease to remove with a flannel.

After I have fully removed the mask my skin feels like it has had a deep exfoliation and the texture is smooth, and my skin appears plump, refreshed and radiant.

I was a little concerned that my skin would feel a little tight and dry after, as mud masks help withdraw oil and sebum from the skin, something I already lack. But the added plant based nourishing ingredients seem to help balance and hydrate my skin.

I feel it would be particularly handy to use before a night out/event as my make-up always goes on so much more flawlessly,  after I have used it.

When I have an outbreak of spots on my chin I will use this mask to target them specifically, I dab a little over the spot and after I find that it assists to calm, sooth, and dry out the spot.

I adore the relaxing and pampering properties face masks bring to the table.

The mask is well formulated, natural, and enriched with plant based ingredients that help my skin to appear refined, smooth and it does a splendid job of detoxifying my skin.

It is one of my favourite Antipodes products that I have tried so far.

I feel it would be particularly ideal for people who suffer with acne, spots and oily skin.

The mask retails at £49.99 and used twice a week I feel it would last around 6 weeks, if you use around a 50p size blob.

It does seem initially to be a little on the expensive side, but if you break it down per use, it works out around £2 per application, so on average the same cost as a high-street sheet mask.

You can shop the mask here


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