*Pixi Tonic’s First Impressions

When it comes to facial toner, Pixi Glow Tonic is hands down my all time favourite.

Enriched with 5% glycolic acid it lightly exfoliates the skin, by removing dead skin cells, in turn leaving skin appearing healthy, taught and smooth.

I was super excited when this trio of tonics landed on my desk.

First off how cute are they?

I really like when a brand gives you the option to purchase smaller versions of their products, it gives you the chance to try it to see if you like it, all whilst saving some pennies.

The three tonics range from £6-£10 for 100ml each, and Boots currently has them all on sale for £6.57 each.


Total bargain!

*Pixi Tonic's Review

As I have raved on about Glow Tonic far to many times here on the blog, I thought I would share my thoughts on Glow Tonic’s friends – Rose Tonic and the Retinol Tonic.

I have been using both for 7 days now, whilst I usually like to give skincare a 2 week trial before a review, I decided I would share an ‘initial thoughts and product description’ style post today.

*Rose Tonic:

Is rich in nutrients, and is a rose hydrosol based toner that hydrates and neutralises the skin’s pH, so it helps to balance hydration levels and gently removes impurities that helps the skin to appear radiant. It is infused with elderflower that helps to tone the skin and assist in minimising redness and refreshing to leave your complexion cool, calm and collected.

The product description insinuates that overall this is a very calming, non evasive and light toner.

I have been using the Rose Tonic each morning after I have cleansed my skin.

I douse a large oval cotton pad, and wipe over the whole of my face and neck area. (Avoiding the eye area).

The Rose Tonic has a light rose scent, and feels soothing and refreshing when applied.

I haven’t seen any major improvements since using it, but I do like my toners to have a percentage of glycolic or hyaluronic acid to help exfoliate and resurface the skin.

But I have found this to be a pleasant toner to use of a morning none the less, it leaves my skin feeling soft and appearing smooth and I feel this would be perfect for people who’s skin is sensitive, suffer with redness or oily/combination complexions.

*Retinol Tonic:

Described to help acne prone, dull and uneven skin. The Retinol Tonic promotes skin renewal, brightens skin tone, reduces acne and boosts collagen production. It contains jasmine flower (to help soothe, repair and protect) and peptides (to help boost collagen production) it claims to soften fine lines and revitalise skin without any of the irritation commonly caused by retinol use.

This toner sounded perfect for me, my skin is dry so appears dull and retinol has so many amazing anti-aging benefits that I always try and incorporate this whenever I can.

It has a low amount of retinol and this formula is encapsulated, so it releases the formula over time.

As Retinol is renowned for drying the skin, the addition of jasmine flower helps to repair and protect the skin, and the added glycerin helps to keep the skin hydrated.

I apply the Retinol Tonic the same way as the Rose Tonic, but only of an evening.

The amount of Retinol in this tonic is fairly low so you could use it day or night, but I would still opt to wear a medium-high SPF if you do use it of a morning, just to be on be the safe side.

My skin has been awful lately, I had lots of out-breaks of spots around my chin area.

I am on day 7 of using this tonic, and I really like it.

My skin appears bright, smooth and all my spots have finally disappeared. They was hormonal spots, so I won’t lap all the praise on to the Retinol Tonic, but I feel it is an easy and affordable way to incorporate Retinol into my skincare routine.

It leaves my skin feeling soft, smooth and fine lines on my forehead are less prominent.

For me after a week in the *Retinol Tonic personally, it is the winner out of the two.

But I feel between the *Rose Tonic and *Retinol Tonic, well there is something for everyone.

Rose Tonic for people who suffer with:

Redness, sensitive skin, oily/combination skin.

Retinol Tonic for people who suffer with:

Acne and spot prone skin, anti-aging, dry/dehydrated skin.

But if I could only buy one out of all three, then for me it would have to be my ever faithful *Glow Tonic.

I may be biased, and yes it is no secret that I adore it.

But my skin always seems so much brighter, taught and healthy when I use it continuously, my skin really likes glycolic acid and this product will always have a special place in my heart.


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