Embracing Autumn.

Autumn is hands down my favourite season of the year.

Snuggly cosy nights in, hot chocolates, pumpkins, the cascade of golden leaves, the crisp chill in the air.

It gives me all the feels…..

But jeez our Autumn and Winter doesn’t half drag on a little, huh?

Us Brits 100% got the short straw.

We have such long Autumn and Winters and as time progresses into these seasons, I evolve into an anti-social, lazy excuse of an human being.

Cold, wet, dark, dull days – all day every day.

Well they are bound to drag down even the most positive and happiest of souls.

So I am here today with some tips to help embrace the change of seasons, and bring a little light and sunshine into each day.

Embrace the season…

Always try and focus on the positives.

Autumn/Winter brings so many wonderful things.

Halloween (BOO) and Christmas for starters.

Cosy nights in, snuggly PJ’s, candles lit. The sound of the rain bashing on your windows, whilst you are snug as a bug.

Tights, wooly hats, hot chocolates, all the food.

The fact you don’t have to shave your legs for a good couple of months, damn Autumn/Winter you the best!

Making your home an inviting and comfortable space:

I am a huge believer that the space you occupy can effect your mind and mood.

If my house is messy, unorganised and basically a pig sty.

Then so is my mind.

Every September/October I give my house a little TLC.

I spend a couple of weekends cleaning and painting, basically sprucing the ole place up.

I invest in some (okay, A LOT) of candles, usually relaxing and invigorating scents.

I know I will be spending so much more time at home and I try my best to make my home as welcoming, cosy and snuggly as possible.

Wrapping up and getting out at every opportunity:

If there is a dry day, I get my wellies, hat, scarf (basically as many items of clothes as I can) and I make a run for it.

Even if it’s for an hour or so, those dry days are few and far between so I like to take full advantage of them.

Fresh air cleans your lungs, a brisk walk increases energy levels, and being out in nature improves mental well-being.

Nature is fuel for the soul!

(And damn that Hot Chocolate after freezing your toes off, well that is like a gift from the gods).


I find in the colder months I become a hermit.

If you don’t live at my house, then you probably ain’t gonna see my miserable butt until Spring.

But I am also aware that it’s so important to venture outside and still stay in touch, and do things with family and friends.

Meal’s out, cosy meet-ups at the pub, movie night at a friends.

Incorporating social events into each week may seem like such a chore for us recluse’s, but it sure helps to increase happiness and reduce cabin fever.

Making plans:

I am not one to wish my life away, but I find Autumn and Winter a great time to make plans for the coming year.

Be it holidays, days out, goals, a new job, a new home, a baby.

I find I am much more productive in the colder months.

(Probably because Spring and Summer basically consists of me sitting in the garden soaking up the sunshine, and drinking copious amount of Rose Wine).

So there we have at.

Incorporating all the above, reading lots of books, binge watching Netflix, and plenty of hot toddy’s pretty much gets me through this time of year.

What is your favourite part of Autumn and Winter?

Hit me up in the comments, I would love to know.



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