*Bondi Sands Self Tanning Foam Review

*Bondi Sands is a brand that I have had my eye on for while now.

Bondi Sands stocks award winning salon quality tanning products.

The brand has high appraise across the web, and I was super excited to see if their products lived up to all the positive reviews I had read.

The Self Tanning Foam has won a wide range of beauty awards, and it claims to glide over skin effortlessly and dry in seconds.

It is enriched with Aloe Vera leaving the skin soft and smooth, unearthing a healthy, natural, bronzed Bondi Beach inspired tan.

My thoughts….

The foam is housed in a tall plastic bottle, and is dispensed via a pump.

With any foam/mousse style products I recommend you give it a good shake, before you dispense it.

I apply a couple of pumps to a tanning mit, and the formula is a typical tan shade as pictured.

I always prefer when a tanning formula is a tan shade, as it makes it so much easier to apply.

You can see exactly where you are applying the tan, and then touch up any areas you may have missed.

The tan has a light coconut scent, and spreads smoothly and evenly across the skin.

The tan dries in a couple of minutes, which is perfect given how nippy it has become.

There is an instant tan, then this tan develops deeper over an hour.

After an hour you can shower, or if you prefer a darker tan then you can reapply another layer.

As time progresses the coconut scent doesn’t linger, and there is a slight “typical tan style biscuit” scent.

But in all honesty it isn’t really strong, and it’s a factor that doesn’t bother me to much.

I have very pale skin, and apply tan most weeks as I like to take the edge off my paleness.

The mousse is brown, with a slight undertone of dark green.

This undertone of green means that the tan doesn’t appear orange, and even though it is described as “dark” it is actually perfect for my pale skin.

It translates to the skin beautifully, leaving an olive yet golden natural tan.

It is actually hard to believe that you could achieve such a natural looking streak free tan from a bottle, but the proof is in the pudding.

When applying any sort of tanning products my hands, knees and elbows are my usual concerns.

Tanning products naturally gather and build up in these areas, and at times if not applied correctly they can appear orange and borderline brown – which then makes the overall tan appear fake

I am so happy to report I haven’t had this issue when using this product.

(A little tip to avoid the above issue is to distribute the tan all over the body leaving the knees, elbows and hands till the end, and then use the remains of what is left on the mit and pat lightly on these problem areas).

It can be a total nightmare when it comes to wearing fake tan, as my bedding is white and I wear a lot of white t-shirts.

I find if I shower and remove the residual tan, then this tan only ever slightly transfers onto clothes and bedding.

This is a big claim ladies and gents but it is one of the best fake tans I have ever used.

It’s so easy to apply and the appearance of the tan on my skin is flawless. It fades naturally, and is easy to remove.

I really have no complaints. Which when it comes to fake-tan, is very rare.

I always manage to find one little niggle, be it the shade, scent, the way it fades unevenly, or the price.

But swiftly getting onto the price…….

It retails at around £11.99 -£14.99 for 200ml, which is fantastic value given the quality and results.

If you are after a new fake tan, then I can highly recommend you give *Bondi Sands a whirl.

It has surpassed all the rave reviews online, and I will 100% be repurchasing.

With the colder months now upon us, an added glow and tan to the skin is just what is needed.

Fake it, till you make it right?

Shop Bondi Sands here.


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