*The Gift of Flowers…

A bouquet of flowers can perk up even the most miserable of days.

Flowers are a universal gift that can help us to express how we may be feeling, when certain life events take place.

But they are also a much welcomed addition to any home.

Flowers evoke such wonderful memories for me, as my Mum always had fresh flowers dotted around our family home.

The Gift of Flowers...

Flowers instantly brighten and bring life to a space.

My favourite flowers have to be Lily’s.

Lily’s symbolise humility and devotion, and I feel this is represented in the the way the flower blooms.

Tightly encased in their leaves, they don’t appear to be anything to marvel at initially.

But as each leaf separates slowly, it unearths a sophisticated, strong and beautiful flower that is simply quite stunning.

The Gift of Flowers...

My second favourite flower is the Rose.

A timeless and striking flower. Rose’s symbolise hope, intertwined with defence.

The colour of a rose also symbolises certain qualities.

For example a red rose symbolises love, passion, beauty and romance, and a pink rose symbolises sympathy, admiration and joy.

Not only are flowers super pretty to look at, they are also linked to making us feel happy and improve our mood.

Flowers are a popular gift we send to our family or friends, if they are in hospital or feeling unwell.

I have always picked up a bunch of flowers as they are pretty, colourful and brighten even the dullest of rooms.

But initially flowers were sent to sick patients due to the relaxing properties associated with them, as a relaxed patient tends to heal quicker than a stressed patient.

The Gift of Flowers...

The bouquet featured in todays post is from *Appleyard London.

They are one of the prettiest bouquets I have received in a long time.

The bouquet was housed in a long slimline stylish box, and the flowers inside were securely packaged, with a bag of water around the stems to keep the flowers fresh.

If you are thinking of sending a bunch of flowers to someone special (including yourself).

Then I can highly recommend you have a nose at the *Appleyard London website.

What is your favourite flower?


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