*Antipodes Grapeseed Butter Cleanser Review

In my younger years removing my make-up was a torturous chore, and something I didn’t give much thought to.

A facial wipe and a Clearasil exfoliating pad, and I was good to go.

Fast forward to today, and the thought of the above sends a wave of shivers down my spine!


But I was young, care-free and my skin was a lot more forgiving back in my 20’s.

*Antipodes Grapeseed Butter Cleanser Review

Fast forward to present day and officially an OAP, I find removing my make-up and looking after my skin a relaxing and enjoyable experience.

I love nothing more than washing the day away and slapping on all the skincare so my skin feels clean, fresh, hydrated and make-up free.

But even if you don’t wear a bucket full of make-up, cleansing the skin is essential.

Pollution and environmental elements damage our skin on a daily basis, and a decent cleanser packed with antioxidants helps to remove pollution particles, and repair and replenish the skin.

Antipodes is a brand I have really came to adore. Their plant based and organic products are a joy to use, and my sensitive skin has welcomed their kind and pure formulas with open arms.

I have been using their *Grapeseed Butter Cleanser for 12 days.

I am all about light-weight milk cleansers in the morning, but my evening cleansers need to have that added oomp.

*Antipodes Grapeseed Butter Cleanser Review

For me personally, they need to be either a butter, balm or a thick creamy texture.

These sort of formulas usually have a good go at breaking down make-up and soothe, nourish and hydrate the skin.

This cleanser has a Cacao (Cocoa) Butter base and is enriched with soothing oils and quintessential Vinanza Grape antioxidant, from New Zealand’s sauvignon blanc grape seeds.

Grape seeds help repair free radical damage, and are scientifically shown to have amongst the world’s highest levels of antioxidants.

In a nut-shell this formula claims to help remove pollution particles, and repair and replenish the skin.

My thoughts…

The butter feels soft, thick and has a slightly oily texture. It feels a little like Vaseline, but a more robust texture.

As it has a lot of natural ingredients in it, it can be prone to become grainy, depending on how you store it.

I store it in my bathroom, and I have only found a small amount of grains.

Not a major issue as the grains would only act as a light exfoliant, but a factor to be aware of.

I feel it is more suited to dry/dehydrated and normal skin, as it does feel oily and heavy.

I found that it didn’t remove a whole face of make-up alone especially waterproof make-up, so I started using it as my second cleanse.

I rub the butter in circular motions across my whole face, and remove with a damp warm flannel.

I have to use a textured flannel otherwise the formula can leave a slightly greasy residue on my skin.

There are a number of factors that niggle me a little about this cleanser.

  • The greasy residue left behind on my skin.
  • The fact it doesn’t remove all my make-up.

But there are a lot more positives to be found.

  • I love the feel of the formula, It doesn’t break me out, and my skin feels soft, nourished and hydrated after I use it.
  • It’s an organic formula, and is packed full of natural ingredients and essential oils.
  • The texture of my skin has also improved, it seems softer and less dry.
  • It’s a good investment, as only a little is needed and it costs £19.99 -£22.99 for a generous 75g.

You can shop the *Antipodes Grapeseed Butter Cleanser here.


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