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If you live in Liverpool then I am sure you have all heard of The Secret Warehouse, if not the The Secret Warehouse is set in a Liverpool Docklands Warehouse, and is a business centre based on the law of attraction.

There are a large number of business’s housed in the warehouse. From The Brow Club, Skintilate and Fake Bake – to name a few.

The ethos of the warehouse is that all the business residents believe in the law of attraction, they believe that the key to success is to surround yourself with like minded, highly motivated and enthusiastic people.

And boy does it work, every business in the warehouse is thriving.

I visit the warehouse around once a month, as I use a number of their services.

The atmosphere and vibe is chilled and relaxed, but what stands out for me is the people.

They are friendly, chatty, driven and a very energised gang. I always leave the warehouse feeling relaxed, motivated and inspired.

The Secret Warehouse have released a number of beautifully designed positivity products that can be found in-store or on their website.

With an ever growing emphasis on chatting about mental health and incorporating as much positivity into our lives, these products are great tool to help aid these discussions and positive changes in our lives.

They incorporate new and fun ways to switch our mindsets, and help reduce any negative habits we may have.

With a prominence on workplaces and schools now expected to offer more awareness, support and advice to their staff and students regarding mental health. I personally feel these products would be a great aid and resource to any workshop or discussions within these sorts of environments.

Below are some of the products and a small description of each, from their website.

*Task Cards For Children:

Each of these cards have been produced by the children of the Residents at the Secret Warehouse.

The aim of the cards is to teach children kindness, love, gratitude, appreciation and all in a fun and engaging way.

*Task Cards For Adults:

The residents of the Secret Warehouse have produced these cards to help you master the law of attraction.

The tasks on the cards go hand in hand with the Law Of Attraction and provide a simple way of teaching that it is important to give, whilst manifesting your perfect life.

Each card showcases an act of kindness and when these are carried out with the correct intent, you will notice that the universe will reward you with amplified levels of kindness.

*My Power Pen:

This is your pen, and it is advised that no one else should use it.

When using this pen you must try and relax, concentrate, set your intention and feel every word you are writing.

Studies show that people who write down their goals are 42% more likely to achieve them than those who don’t.

*My Life Rocks:

If you know someone who struggles with confidence, happiness, self-worth or anxiety, then these rocks offer messages of reassurance and can be given separately or as a full set.

Sometimes a little message at the right time can mean the world to someone.  What’s more, the rocks inspire a placebo effect that encourages the people who receive them to respond to the message upon the stone in a positive way.

How I use the products….

At home I have scattered the life rocks in bowls and trays and I use them as prompts.

I take a mo and read and say the message to myself. Like a mantra.

I find doing this motivates and calms me, they really help me to stop, take a minute, and focus on the present moment.

When I use the Power Pen I feel like I am at Hogwarts, which is always a good thing right?

It’s lightweight and sturdy and it sure beats any Bic pens I having knocking about.

I tend to write slower, neater and with more care as the pen is so unique and flamboyant.

I store the children’s cards in my car, and each morning me and my little man pick out a card from the pack, and have a little chat about what it says.

We chat about how we can incorporate the advice or task into the day ahead.

I really like how versatile and easy the products are to use, all whilst promoting and instilling positive thoughts and actions in a fun and engaging way.

If you have your eye on any of the above, you can shop the products – here

What product is your favourite? I would love to know.


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