Making Each Day the Best it Can Be…

On this bumpy ride that is life, I feel it is crucial to try and make each day the best it can possibly be.

Yes I totally get it, some days just suck, and need to be wrote off and put in the bin.

But if we can try and make the majority of our days the best they can be, then we start to see massive improvements to our overall quality of life and mood.

Over the years I have incorporated some techniques and routines into each day.

When I am smashing these techniques my day rocks, I am positive, calm, focused, grateful, motivated and happy.

So here goes….

Waking up early….

There is a huge emphasis on the benefits of waking early at the moment, some people really love it and some don’t.

I used to really hate it, the more time in bed the better huh?

But I have got to admit rising earlier works wonders for me.

It sets the tone for the day, and here is why.

Rising an hour earlier than usual helps me to approach the day a lot calmer, slower and with greater clarity.

I enjoy a coffee in peace. I start getting things ready for the day ahead, I prepare a packed lunch, and I fit in a 15 minute light yoga session.

I float out the door feeling energised, focused, calm and ready for the day ahead.

If I wake up late, (which has been happening a lot this week, I am still in holiday mode – haha).

Well it all goes down hill. I am rushing, my brain is fuzzy I am stressed, I forget things.

I am basically a mess.

Jumping out of the pit can be hard!

It’s so warm and comfy!

So this is how I make it happen…..

I try and get to sleep by no later than 10pm each night.

When I hear my alarm, and I think about whacking the snooze button, I remember how stressed my whole day will be if I do whack that snooze button.

I think of the rushing, the traffic and all the other stressful things that will happen if I don’t hop out the bed ASAP.

This 9 times out of 10 time scares the living day lights out of me, and I leap out that bed pronto.

I have found setting the tone for the day ahead is key, a calm morning usually leads to a calm and smooth day.

Set a goal…..

Having a goal in sight helps to keep us motivated and inspired. However big or small.

Having something exciting to get out of bed for, well it’s a must.

We sure leap out of that bed when we have a holiday to go on don’t we?

Working on our goals gives us a sense of purpose, setting goals keeps us motivated and helps us to expand our horizons.

Accomplishing our goals lifts are mood,  we achieve things that we never thought were possible.

I have a Things To Do Pad. It was around £1.50 from Home Bargain. (Total steal)

Each night I will write a list of things I want to achieve the next day.

They can be little things, like:


To more adventurous ones like trying harder at my work, trying to improve myself,  trying something new, exploring a new place, upping exercise, reading, learning or doing something that scares me.

Goals can be however big or small, they can be whatever the hell you want.

They are yours!

Setting them and nailing them- well that feeling is just totally majestic.

Ignore Negativity…

So you are going about your business and someone tries to bring you down.

Be it someone complaining, or just being plain rude or miserable.

We always have a choice.

We can let that person annoy us, retaliate and get angry. Or we can rise above and realise that it isn’t our issue, we can’t control what other people do – but we can control how we react.


Don’t absorb their negative energy, rise above it.

Forget about it.

Let it go, Elsa style.

Random act of kindness….

Have you see the Friends when Phoebe is on a mission to prove to Joey that there is such a thing as a selfless good deed?

If so then you will know she struggles to find one, doesn’t she?

Helping others makes us feel good, fact.

It’s natural to feel happy and all fuzzy inside when you do something good for another.

Be it opening a door, giving a compliment, donating to a charity, or giving up your seat on the bus.

Random acts of kindness make us feel good, and it can make another’s day spectacular!

Do something you love….

Sleep, Eat, Work, Repeat…..

Straight up, NO!

Each day we should always try and squeeze in something that we love.

Looking forward to things increases our happiness.

Be it a pamper, exercise, chilling, reading, shopping, a nice meal, time with family or friends.

Whatever puts a big smile on your face. Make it a priority to squeeze a little of this into every day.

Life is far to short not to!

So they are my top tips.

I would really love to hear yours, hit me up the comments.



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