*ADEXE Mac Grand Watch Review

When I was a nipper I had this *thing* with watches, my Mum said one of my first words was “botch”.

Pointing and staring at peoples watches when I was out and about.

Fast forward 30 or so years, and I still find them a delightful piece of jewellery.

The craftsmanship and mechanical elements of a watch still fascinates me, watches in my humble opinion are a piece of art.

They are an invention that has stood the test of time (mind the pun) and an everyday essential piece of jewellery for the majority of us all.

*ADEXE Mac Grand Watch Review

Watches can have interesting and heartfelt stories attached to them.

I adore how a piece of jewellery can be passed down to others, and then become a family heirloom.

Sparking and evoking untold stories and memories from years gone by.

(Yes, I think totally you get it. I am a little obsessed with watches).

I was after a new dress watch, a smart and classy style that I could wear on special occasions.

I prefer plain, effortless, traditional and understated watch designs, and this *Adexe Mac Grand Watch ticked all the right boxes.

It has a large round face, with soft and smooth black straps.

I like how the lug from the face to the strap is discreet, small and unobtrusive.

The thin second hand is a striking red colour, this works just perfectly alongside the elegant black and white face.

The watch is lightweight, and feels very comfortable and smooth on the wrist.

*ADEXE Mac Grand Watch Review*ADEXE Mac Grand Watch Review

The overall aesthetic of the watch is smart, classy and timeless.

A piece that will work alongside most outfits. It also works wonderfully alongside my other pieces of silver jewellery.

I am really impressed with the quality and uniqueness of this design.

If you like this watch or fancy having a nose at some of the other beautiful designs Adexe stock, you can find their website here.



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