Life Update & Feeling Inspired

So as you may or may not of noticed, I have cut down on the number of blog posts I have been publishing over the past couple of months.

I love reading these style of life up-date posts, so thought I would share the reasons why I took a step back from my blog, and what I have been up to.

After seeing my friend Stacey in Dubai four months ago, I came back and reassessed a couple of things in my life.

I love blogging, it has brought me so many wonderful friendships and opportunities, but I have come to realise it wasn’t really making me feel fulfilled or challenging me.

I had got stuck in a rut, I was struggling to think of innovative topics, or capture the right images.

This left me feeling stressed, worried and I really dreaded the thought of having to write, photograph and manage my social media sites.

In the midst of all this, and totally inspired by Stacey’s fitness journey I embarked on my own.

I spontaneously threw myself into exercising.

People who know me, well they know that I am not that person.

I was that person who hated the thought of exercise.

If you ever seen me run, then you better run too, because it meant something or someone was chasing me.

This quote was made for me!

The last time I went to the gym was 6 years ago. I hand on my heart couldn’t think of anything worse.

But I couldn’t hide the fact that I was incredibly unfit.

It was niggling at me daily.

So I apprehensively joined a gym, and ventured there alone.

This was a huge step for me.

I wanted to achieve something, I wanted to push myself. I was craving a challenge and a new goal to smash.

In a nutshell I went the gym for 2 months, and I done a wide range of different classes. I didn’t particularly enjoy them, or feel any real sense of achievement.

Until I started running. One day I ran, I ran as fast as I could, I made it to 12 minutes and I couldn’t believe it.

First of all I didn’t die, (that was a huge relief) and to my sheer horror, I felt amazing.

My mind was clear, I felt energised and for the first time in a long time I felt proud.

I leaped out of the gym like I had ran the New York Marathon, no lie.

Two months on, and I am running four to five times a week.

Running has helped me gain a higher level of confidence, drive, and a determination that I never knew I had.

A year ago I wouldn’t have ever worn a pair of shorts, six months ago I wouldn’t have dreamed of sharing this picture, and two months ago I couldn’t run up the stairs.

Now I am rocking the shorts, sharing the picture and can run 4.6k at a good pace.

I look exactly the same as I did a year ago,  but my confidence and acceptance of myself has improved ten fold.

I believe in myself and accept myself much more now, and I have achieved a goal that I never thought was possible.

The reason I am sharing this small personal accomplishment is not to be braggy, or come across as:

Look how amazing I am”

Confidence and feeling comfortable in my own skin is something I have always struggled with.

I have missed opportunities, as I didn’t feel worthy.

I have been shy in certain environments and bit my tongue, all because I was scared what people may think of me.

All of these doubts meant I was not living my life sincerely, or to its full potential.

By addressing what wasn’t working in my life at that present time and embarking on a new adventure, I now feel like I am reaping the rewards, mentally and physically.

Small accomplishments inspire others, and they should be celebrated and shared.

I feel very passionately about championing, supporting and inspiring each other, life is hard, there is enough sadness and grief in the world.

So why not share our achievements and the things we are proud of?

Stacey sharing her journey has inspired me, and so many other people.

She is the proof that you can achieve anything you want.

That the quality of anyone’s life can be improved.

Whatever the circumstances.

Wherever you are in life, nailing it, succeeding, struggling, or at a crossroads or feeling a little lost?


We can change, we can achieve, we can improve, we can do anything we put our mind to.


Because we are worthy, we are more than capable, and we deserve nothing less than to be living our very best life.




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