*Boxed Frozen Meals Review

I must admit, i rarely ever eat ready meals.

But they do come in handy now and again, and i like to have options for when i am tired, sick or can’t be bothered cooking.

Enter *Boxed.

*Boxed is a range of premium frozen meals containing quality ingredients, and offering a twist on five meals we know and love.

The meals are packed with natural ingredients and have no additives, artificial colouring or flavouring. They only use sustainable fish and British chicken. The meals are also fast frozen, to lock in freshness and flavour.

I was kindly sent 2 meals to try, they was:

  • Tikka Marinated Chicken Jalfrezi with Naan Dumplings
  • Mac & Cheese

My Thoughts…

I really liked the packaging, it is eye catching, recyclable and made from sustainability sourced paper.

The portions looked generous, and the textures and colours looked a lot more enticing than any frozen ready meals i have tried before.

Mac & Cheese:

Mac & Cheese is one of my all time favourite comfort meals. I love serving it with a crispy side salad, and a sprinkling of chilli flakes and parsley.

This dish was so tasty. I was actually surprised how good it was.

The macaroni still had a little bite, (soggy pasta is the worst right?) the smoky pancetta was crispy and flavoursome. The cheese was my favourite part though. Creamy, cheesy, but not to heavy.

Me and my little rascal both devoured it, and agreed it was totally delicious.

Tikka Marinated Chicken Jalfrezi with Naan Dumplings:

I have never heard of Naan Dumplings before and i was so excited to try them. When i opened the pack, the aroma of spices smelt divine. I was a little gutted i had to wait for it cook before i could tuck in. I was literally drooling!

The dish was packed with plenty of chicken, red peppers and onions.

It is a medium spiced curry, and it worked wonderfully with a dollop of natural yoghurt.

The dumplings were crispy on the outside and soft inside. I could detect a hint of nigella seeds and coriander. They was really tasty.

Again this meal was more than enough for two people, and like the Mac & Cheese the quality of the dish was really high.

*Boxed ready made meals are good quality convenience food, at it’s best.

They are currently available at Tesco, and retail at £7 each.


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