A Guide to Visiting Efteling from the UK.

Efteling is a fantasy-themed amusement park in Kaatsheuvel in the Netherlands. The attractions are based on elements from ancient myths and legends, fairy tales, fables, and folklore.

I only found out about Efteling last year after chatting to my friends Lyd  and Jackie  and couldn’t believe i had never visited.

The Netherlands is one of my favourite European cities to travel to, as the people are always so helpful and friendly.

Just what is needed when you are travelling, and haven’t a clue where you are going.

A Guide to Visiting Efteling from the UK.I never planned to write this post, but was totally blown away by how amazing the whole trip was.

I had so many questions on Instagram and Twitter, so i thought i would share all the info on a blog post.

(My camera on the first day was damaged in the water rapids, ooops!

Typically me.

So i didn’t get lots of photos.

It did dry out, and the second day i took as many pictures as i could.

Hopefully you will get a feel for Efteling and the accommodation, but i personally would have liked a lot more snaps to share with you all). 

Getting to Efteling:

Getting to Efteling was pretty easy. We flew from Liverpool John Lennon Airport to Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam).

This flight is around 50 minutes.

We then visited the ticket office in the airport which is easy enough to find.

We got our train tickets and the route was Schiphol Airport to S-Hertonbosch train station.

(€70 euro return for 3 people, children tickets were cheap around €2.50)

The train journey took an hour. We walked out of the train station and the bus station is located right outside.

Super simple.

We then hopped on the number 300 bus to Tilburg. (€14 return two adults, children travel free).

You can’t pay cash on the buses, so it is either a bus card that you can pick up at a machine, or use a bank card.

The journey took around 40 minutes, and dropped us right outside the theme park.

(We had carry on bags and the whole journey was easy enough. If you have more than 2 kiddies and suitcases, you may want to look into hiring a car at Schiphol Airport).

A Guide to Visiting Efteling from the UK.


After a lot of research i decided the best place for us to stay was Efteling Bosrijk.

Efteling Bosrijk is a 7 to 10 minutes walking distance from the Efteling Park.

Efteling Bosrijk is in the middle of woods and is a spacious holiday park.

There are luxury and stylish holiday homes, apartments and group accommodations

Entrance to the theme park is included in the price of your stay.

When we got to the entrance of the Efteling Theme Park we was then advised to walk to the left down a path, which took around 7 minutes and we was at Efteling Bosrijk.

Everyone is SO helpful from the staff at the airport, train staff etc! Don’t hesitate to ask if you feel a little lost.

The grounds and holiday park are stunning. As soon as we walked on to the site, i felt super relaxed and calm.

There was red squirrels, ducks and rabbits casually strutting about.

The sound of the lake, trees blowing and birds tweeting was so scenic and charming.

A Guide to Visiting Efteling from the UK.

There is a lake running right through the middle of Efteling Bosrijk, and this is where Mr Sandman’s castle is located.


I am not gonna lie, i wanted to move in!

A Guide to Visiting Efteling from the UK.

On-site there is a swimming pool, restaurant and an on-site shop.

The site is big and has a lot to offer, but everything is a 5-10 minute walk and sign posted.

It’s very easy to navigate around.

Each evening Mr Sandman comes and reads the children a bedtime story at the main entrance of Efteling Bosrijk, which is just magical.

The first evening Mr Sandman translated the story to English, but the second evening it was in Dutch.

So something to be aware of, but none the less my little legs still loved it as it was very entertaining.

A Guide to Visiting Efteling from the UK.

The on-site shop has all the basics and is very reasonably priced. It has water, juice, alcohol, pastries, bread, sweets, chocolate, meats, cheeses, eggs and other essentials.

The restaurant lunch menu is reasonable around €8 for a sandwich and chips , the dinner menu is around €17 for an adults main.

The restaurant portions are huge, with unlimited chips and salad. So you could easily share a main, in my opinion.

There is a Lidl that is a 5 minute drive away, and there are cooking facilities in each apartment or holiday home.

So you could of course make something at your accommodation.

There is also a delivery breakfast, bread and pizza service.

Of an evening we would place our order at the shop, and would wake the next morning to find our breakfast hanging from our door.

It included a selection of breads, pastries, cheese, ham, egg, orange juice and condiments and this cost around €11 for three of us.

Our room had 2 single beds, and a bunk bed.  There was a dining table, couch and TV.

It also had some essentials like a kettle, oven, crockery, and coffee machine.

There was also 2 welcome packs. One with with coffee, tea and one cleaning bits and bobs.

The apartment was very clean and spacious, and the theme of the apartment was much to our delight, Mr Sandman.

There was Mr Sandman artwork, bedding, books, games and bed hats.

A Guide to Visiting Efteling from the UK.

My little man adored it, and it is safe to say it is very much designed with the kiddies in mind.

Efteling Theme Park:

I would say that the theme park is aimed for children aged between 5-12.

But there is plenty to do for any ages.

With around 3-4 big rollercoasters.

I would highly recommend downloading the parks free app.

This has a map on, and tracks your location. This aspect helps you to navigate your way around the park, without missing anything out.

It also updates and lets you know the waiting times for each ride.

This was an element i adored, no-one wants to be spending hours in queues.

Luckily each ride was only between a 5-15 minute wait.

(May is not peak season, so it does depend on what time of year you go, in regards to waiting times)

A Guide to Visiting Efteling from the UK.

The rides are very similar to most theme parks with water rapids, rollercoasters, pirate ship, teacups, and indoor and outdoor family attractions.

There was also two small parks, and an area with fair-ground style games.

The park has five main areas, which includes a Fairy-tale forest.

Here you will find the likes of Hansel & Gretal, Little Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty interactive style areas and displays.

A Guide to Visiting Efteling from the UK.A Guide to Visiting Efteling from the UK.A Guide to Visiting Efteling from the UK.A Guide to Visiting Efteling from the UK.A Guide to Visiting Efteling from the UK.

There are a number of food establishments throughout the theme park. From hot dog stands, restaurants and desert stands.

They are all very reasonably priced.

Ice lollies and drinks around €2 and kids meals €5, adults €8.

You can bring your own food and drink into the theme park, so you could bring a picnic.

I feel that you need 2 full days to get around the whole theme park, and visit all the rides and attractions.

I must say i now prefer Efteling to Disney, big claim i know.

Even though i love Disney and i have always had an amazing time there, i felt Efteling was overall a more relaxed experience.

It’s not as commercialised, and a lot more enchanting.

My little man also said he preferred it too.

There was no long queues for rides, the food was good quality and affordable.

There were lots of staff on site offering advice, directions and help whenever you needed it.

The free app is a must have. It made life so much easier,  we could plan our days easily and it ensured we visited every nook and cranny.

I loved Efteling and Efteling Bosrijk and plan on returning as soon as possible.

It’s a truly magical place for both children and adults, and a holiday we won’t be forgetting any time soon.

(There is also a hotel at Efteling, i don’t know much about this but you can find all the information on the Efteling website here).

I hope you found this post helpful and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments.



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