Professional Facial, at Home.

Professional Facial, at Home.

Hands in the bucket if you like getting all lovely things done to your face?

Over the years i have tried a wide range of professional facials, i just lurve them.

With LED Light Therapy, Skin Peels and Meso Facials being just some of my favourites.

But finding the time, and also funding such luxuries isn’t always possible.

I have tried a concoction of different skincare routines, but this one i am sharing with you today.

Well this is the bomb.

Professional Facial, at Home.

I have found the perfect combination of products, methods, and tools that help achieve that flawless just walked out of the spa radiant, smooth, plump and glowing complexion.

Now you don’t have to use these products in particular, even though at the moment these are my favourite.

It is more the process and routine.

So feel free to incorporate the skincare you know and love.

Double Cleanse & Flannel:

First off you want the skin squeaky clean. I massage a creamy cleanser into my skin, and remove with a warm wet flannel.

I am currently using Your Good Skin Calming Cleanser (£5.99) I always opt for a purse friendly cleanser to remove my make-up. This is fine, nothing mind blowing. It doesn’t irritate my eyes, doesn’t dry my skin, and removes the majority of my make-up.

I then use a more potent cleanser to treat my skin. I am currently using Rodial Super Acids Cleanser (£32) and massage it into the skin, and again remove with a warm damp flannel.

Our skin loves acids, and this contains Glycolic Acid that helps stimulate cell turnover that helps banish dullness and promote collagen and elastin.

(Just avoid the eye area as it stings).

(I don’t wear waterproof mascara, so if you do, you may need to use an eye make-up remover at this point too.)


The Pixi Peel and Polish (£26) is my exfoliator of choice. It is a light cream consistency with tiny sugar cane grains laced throughout. The natural fruit enzymes loosen dead skin and the lactic acid gently exfoliates the skin. I use around a 5p sized blob each time, and slowly rub in circular movements around my whole face. I then leave it for 5 minutes, and remove with a flannel.

Afterwards my skin looks glowing, and feels super smooth and supple.


Now the skin is squeaky clean and dead skin cells have been buffed away, out comes my trusty derma-roller.

I have a love/hate relationship with my derma roller.

Rolling tiny needles all over my face isn’t the most pleasurable experience, but the results are worth every inch of the pain.

I have wrote a full post about derma-rolling at home here

Using a derma-roller on the skin causes micro injuries that causes the skin to go into healing mode. This in turn highly increases the levels of collagen and elastin produced. Collagen and elastin are fibres that support the structure of the skin. Sun exposure and the natural ageing process causes these fibres to breakdown.

Sheet Face Mask:

At this point my skin feels tight, warm and a little uncomfortable.

Applying a cold wet sheet mask at this point, well it’s like jumping into a swimming pool on a boiling hot summers day. (Naked)

Professional Facial, at Home.

My favourite sheet mask at the moment to use is the *Christian Breton Hyper Moisturising Mask.

Product absorption is increased by 90% when you have used a derma-roller, so all the potent ingredients from this serum mask that include  Hyaluronic Acid (promotes new skin growth), Aloe Vera (soothes and fight against ageing) and Green Tea (helps treat and prevent blemishes) leave the skin appearing plump, hydrated, smooth, and radiant.

Derma rolling and applying a potent sheet mask after, well it is life-changing stuff!

Eye Skincare:

For the past three weeks i have been trialing two Christian Breton eye products.

Christian Breton is a skincare brand that i can highly recommend. Every single product I have tried, well my fussy and sensitive skin has just adored.

It’s my favourite skincare brand find of the past 6 months, no question.

I use the *Liftox Anti wrinkle Eye Serum first, the roller ball and cooling serum and feels glorious under the eye, and it leaves the area looking brighter and hydrated.

If you suffer with puffy eyes, this product is worth a peek at, as it helps to alleviate that uncomfortable throbbing and heavy sensation.

I then apply the *Christian Breton SOS Eye Balm. This product is perfect if you have dry skin under the eye, or the area is rough.

It is a thick balm, so thick that when i apply of an evening there is still some product left in the morning.

I have noticed a huge difference when i apply my under-eye concealer. It appears smoother, and is less prone to crease when i have used this balm the night before.

Moisturiser or Facial Oil:

I then apply a moisturiser or facial oil. At the moment i am using the *SVR Hydrailine Riche Moisturising Cream.

When using a derma-roller on the skin, no matter what your skin type, it does feel sensitive after and it can make your skin feel and appear dry.

So it essential that you pump that moisture and hydration back in.

This products formula is enriched with hydrophilic sugars, and structured with liquid crystals, helping to seal in water for optimal hydration. It feels light, hydrating soothing on the skin. It is also a great purse friendly price.

So thats a wrap ladies and gents.

The whole process takes around 15 minutes, and i can guarantee that you will wake up the next morning with glowing, soft and radiant skin.

It is such a great purse friendly alternative to a salon facial, as once you have invested in the products they last such a long time.

Have you tried using a derma-roller before?

Did you spot any products that you like?

Hit me up in the comments.

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