*National Creativity Day With Reeves

*National Creativity Day With Reeves

I would say I have always had a creative streak, i once made my own school bag from an old dress.

It had a giant pink A loosely stitched on the front and the sleeves of the dress was the straps.

(Yes it did fall apart, I didn’t even make it to the bus-stop haha).

When it comes to art and crafts style projects that are intricate, detailed and take time I think it is safe to say that over the years i have realised, I just don’t have the patience or determination.

Sadly I end up losing interest, and giving up.

That being said I find painting, colouring and being creative very relaxing.

If I am ever feeling stressed or anxious, doodling on a piece of paper or reaching for a colouring book is something I have became very fond of over the years.

Getting lost in a simple project be it colouring or painting, is a release. It helps me to wind down and stop over-thinking.

To simply focus my mind on the colours and movement of the pencil or the paint brush, it has become a hobby and that I have become to love.

Now as you have all gathered i obviously ain’t no Vincent Van Gogh, but when *Reeves sent me a bundle of goodies (below) I was thrilled, but also a little overwhelmed.

It was like the team at *Reeves seen me have a mini breakdown in my kitchen. Scratching my head, wondering how I would use all the different paints, crayons, paper etc. Because an email popped into my inbox, and there was some links to their YouTube channel, and i was totally blown away.

The link is here, and I would highly recommend you have a nose at their channel and also their website.

So many easy and fun craft ideas, that even an amateur like me could get on board with.

Me and my little rascal spent a lazy Sunday afternoon letting our creative juices flow, and I must say it was such a wonderful and relaxing way to spend time with each-other.

Plus I was so shocked that I managed to create so many beautiful, and half-decent pieces of art.

So even though I always thought I couldn’t create a piece of artwork, I was in fact wrong.

A sprinkle of imagination, a douse of determination, a bundle of exquisite arty supplies (*Reeves you the best) and well I feel like my next stop is the The Metropolitan Museum Of Art.

Dream big folks!

Be it a pro at art and crafts, or a beginner like moi, then *Reeves has got you covered.

Exceptionally high quality products, that are designed and packaged so beautifully.

Happy National Creativity Day everyone.

If you are interested in having a nose at the *Reeves website, you can find it here.


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