*Alma Da Cuba Liverpool Review

Alma de Cuba is a restaurant and bar in the heart of Liverpool City Centre, it is the former home to St. Peters Catholic Church.

The stunning architecture and original features have been thankfully preserved, with brick walls, lead stained windows, high ceilings, wooden beams and beautiful chandeliers throughout.

There is also an outside smoking/terrace area.

I have spent many an evenings over the years catching up with friends in “Alma” as us scousers like to call it.

(We tend to ABBREVIATE everything, btw.)

“Alma de Cuba in an eclectic mix of Cuba, Hispanic, and Latin American influences that are enhanced with Liverpool’s great spirit”.

On Sunday afternoons Alma da Cuba offers a Sunday Lunch Menu, and a live Gospel Choir from 1.30pm-5pm.

The restaurant area is located upstairs, and it has an open view to the bar area downstairs and the alter, where the gospel choir are located. The Gospel Choir were truly a delight to listen to, they sang a range of songs we all know and love, from The Beatles to a mixture of Soul.

Even though it was busy and the music was loud, there was still a relaxing and chilled vibe.

The menu was vast as you can see below, and if a Roast dinner isn’t what you fancy then there was an array of other options.

Our waiter told us that were was no children’s menu of such, but they could rustle up some child friendly meals.

He asked my little rascal if he would like some homemade chicken nuggets and chips, and this suited him perfectly.

We had a quick glance over the menu, and as you can see there was lots of options, both for meat eaters and vegetarians.

Alma Da Cuba Review

We placed our orders and opted for the following:

H O T  S M O K E D  S A L M O N  W I T H  H O R E S R A D I S H   P O T A T O   S A L A D 

&  P I C K L E D  V E G  – £6.50

S W E E T  P O T A T O  &  C H O R I Z O  C R O Q U E T T E S  W I  T H  R O C K E T  &  G A R L I C  M A Y O N N A I S E –  £7.00

R O A S T  C H I C K E N   S U R P R E M E  W I T H  P O R K  &  H E R B  S T U F F I N G  –  £14.95

All Roast dinners are served with Roast Potatoes, crushed Carrot & Swede, Broccoli, and Cauliflower.

Alma Da Cuba ReviewAlma Da Cuba Review

P I N E A P P L E   &   M A N G O  C H E E S E C A K E  W I T H  M A N G O  S A L S A –  £6.00

Alma Da Cuba Review

C H I L L I   C H O C O L A T E   B R O W N I E  W I T H  D U L C E  D E  L E C H E  &  V A N I L LA 

I C E  C R E A M – £6.00

Alma Da Cuba Review

G I A N T  K A H U L A  M O C H A  M A C A R O O N 

W I T H  M O C H A  I C E  C R E A M – £6.00

Alma Da Cuba Review

The starter portions were generous, there was plenty of salmon in the salad and the flavours and textures of the potato, horseradish and salmon worked really wonderfully together. A light, fresh and delicious combination.

The Sweet Potato and Chorizo croquettes were also super tasty, a mixture of sweetness from the potato and heat from the chorizo worked perfectly alongside the peppery rocket and garlic mayonnaise.

At first i thought the roast dinner looked a little small, but once i started tucking in i found it to be more than enough.

The carrot and swede, and stuffing were my favourite elements.

Little legs chicken strips were homemade and i nicked a couple. They was totally delish, crispy coating on the outside and succulent, tender chicken inside.

Onto desserts, we all shared, so i was lucky to sample all three.

My favourite was the cheesecake. It was so light, creamy and fluffy and the balance of mango and pineapple was total perfection.

The service to sum up in one word was “impeccable”.

There was a lot of waiters and waitresses in the restaurant area, and i noticed that they was regularly checking in on diners.

The staff was truly a credit to Alma Da Cuba on this day, friendly, polite, attentive all whilst not being annoying or overbearing.

The atmosphere within the restaurant and bar was so relaxing the gospel choir was a joy to listen to, it was the superb way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Alma Da Cuba is open all week, and there are also a range of terrific offers.

One is the Early Bird Menu – from Monday-Thursday from 5-7pm, guests can feast on 2 courses for £15.95, or 3 courses for £19.95, meaning eating out doesn’t have to be just a weekend treat.

If you are in Liverpool City Centre and fancy some food or drinks, then i highly recommend you hop on down to Alma Da Cuba.


*Services featured on this post were gifted in exchange for a honest review, please visit my Disclaimer for more information.


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