Unit 51 Coffee Bar Liverpool Review

Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle is one of my favourite parts of the City Centre.

A stone throw away from the Albert Dock and Liverpool 1, it’s a creative district with bars, restaurants and all types of innovative and unique businesses nestled throughout.

We was very hungry (as usual) and ventured into town for some brunch, the one thing i adore about the Baltic Triangle is that parking is widely available and free.

When you are tired, grumpy, hungry and just want to run in somewhere and stuff your face. It is my go to place!

No faff, basically what i live for.

Unit 51 from the outside looks like a shop of some sort, but once you open the slidey doors you find a coffee shop that has a laid back and relaxed vibe with benches, tables and couches dotted throughout.

Unit 51 Coffee Bar Liverpool Review

It was the first coffee shop to open in the area. (Fun fact)

From the off you can tell that people visit here to chill with a cuppa – either working away or chatting with family and friends.

We managed to grab the last table, and placed our order for food and drinks at the counter.

I really liked the fact that the breakfast menu was available till 2pm, most places stop at 12, and this is a pet hate of mine.

When venturing out for brunch, especially of a weekend the breakfast and lunch menu should always be available in my humble opinion.

I need options, and lots of them!

The menu was varied, with lots of the ingredients locally sourced.

On offer was a range of well known breakfast items from a full english breakfast, breakfast sandwiches to french toast.

The lunch items were a mixture of sandwiches and soups.

Even though the menu was limited there was something for everyone.

We waited around 10 minutes for our drinks to arrive, and 20 minutes for our food.

What we ordered…

B R E A K F A S T  S A N D W I C H

A generous serving of grilled bacon, topped with 2 free range poached eggs and a dash of mayo on thick buttered toast or a bagel (please specify) – £5.95

½ A V O C A D O  – £1.50 (Added to the above)

Unit 51 Coffee Bar Liverpool Review

F R E N C H  T O A S T

Brioche bread dipped in egg, fried & seasoned with cinnamon, served with natural yoghurt, fresh berries, maple syrup and dusted with cinnamon. – £4.95

Unit 51 Coffee Bar Liverpool Review

P O R K  &  L E E K  S A U S A G E  O N  T O A S T  – £4.75

C A P P U C C I N O – £2.40

Unit 51 Coffee Bar Liverpool Review

As you can see everything looked amazing, i can also confirm it tasted delicious.

The french toast was my favourite, little legs chose well.

The strawberries and blueberries were fresh and juicy, and the balance of sweetness and yoghurt was perfection.

One niggle for me was i would have preferred my bacon a little crisper, but i suppose this was something i should have stated when I ordered.

They had ran out of regular coffee cups so our cappuccinos were upgraded to a large, at no extra cost.

A nice touch.

The price point was also very reasonable.

All in all i highly recommend Unit 51 if you are in Liverpool, and i would revisit in a heartbeat.



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