Embracing Uncertainty

Starting to feel uncertain of things and questioning certain aspects of life, is a natural crossroads that we all face at some point or another.

We can be cruising along smashing life, and then all of a sudden it comes wading in like an unwanted bout of adult acne.

Confusion, anxiety and feelings of failure start rearing their ugly head, and in a nut-shell it can pretty damn hard to see a way out.

Embracing Uncertainty

Feeling certain and in control makes us feel comfortable, and like a Queen. (Fact)

Feeling uncertain of things, has the opposite effect.

Oh the sheer horror of it when we start to question and struggle with parts of our life?

Because like, errr how dare we?

We are meant to be nailing every damn day!

Over the past couple of days (weeks) I have been swimming against uncertainty, fighting it, and trying to figure my way through the hazy fog.

But why have I been so hard on myself?

On reflection I have realised that uncertainty creeps into all aspects of life.

None of us can avoid it, and why should we?

Uncertainty can be a positive thing.

What, why, how?


Uncertainty keeps us on our toes, it gets us thinking, sometimes it’s exactly what is needed to wake up and address certain aspects of our life.

The aspects that may not be flowing as smoothly as we had anticipated.

It pushes us to take note of our feelings, prioritise the important things, and focus on change.

It helps us to unearth new goals and dreams, or ditch the ones that have been holding us back.

It can help us to realise what we don’t want in life, which in turn can help us to discover what we do want.

It can initiate change.

But of course, we can be a little scared of change.

We thrive on feeling comfortable, we like to show our best side, strengths and achievements.

But we all have flaws, weaknesses and failures.

We can all sometimes feel like we are winging our way through life.

Should we be afraid or judge ourselves when we feel and share such thoughts?


Because even though feeling uncertain in life can be pretty terrifying and confusing

It also shows that we are taking note of our feelings, and it can be the start of something quite exciting and wonderful.



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