Accepting Imperfection

Appreciating and liking every inch of ourselves isn’t the easiest of things to do.

It can become a natural occurrence to look and focus on the things that we don’t like about ourselves.

So today i have bit the bullet, and I am going to be chatting about some of my flaws, and why I am grateful for them.

Hopefully it may inspire you to think about the things you like about yourself.

Because there is a LOT, we just have to dig deep enough.

Accepting Imperfection

My body:

I may not have killer abs or a wrinkle free-face, but my body is my temple!

(Said in a non cheesy way, if that is even possible?)

Over the years physically and mentally, i haven’t really treated my body with the respect it deserves.

Late nights when it craved rest, wine instead of water, skipping meals and binge eating.

Prodding it and judging in the mirror, absolutely furious and disgusted at it because it didn’t look like the models in Vogue magazine.

I have treated it like total garbage at times

My stretch marks and saggy belly, hid away and covered up.

Well you know what?

I am lucky to have that saggy belly and stretch marks.

It’s proof that the one person i love more than anything, laid there.

My eyes are looking a little tired to say the least, a mixture of age, late nights, tears, and plenty of laughter.

I may have eye bags that touch my chin, and wrinkles that are getting deeper by the day.

But what’s the alternative?

(Death, thats what)

My legs, pasty milk bottles. Hid away.

But no more. Them babies are gonna be out and proud!

(Just be sure to wear your sunglasses if you see me heading your way).

They have let me wander in the sand, dance until the morning light, run after my little munchkin, and sprint like Linford Christie after the Hermes delivery guy.


My arms (bingo wings and all) without them i wouldn’t be able to do a lot of things i love.

Like reaching for that family sized bar of Cadburys Fruit & Nut and a bottle, or two of wine.

My toes always annoyed me, they look a little strange, my big toe is like a chicken drummer if you must know.

But that drummer has helped me to stay balanced, and given me the support to walk.

(More so after a couple of wines).

My mind:

I have judged it, underestimated it, belittled it and doubted it

I have let things bother it that shouldn’t have, i have worried and studied things that were really not worth its time or effort.

It reacted to this abuse like a firework, and then came anxiety, feeling of low self-worth and uncertainty.

But surprisingly it always found a way to deal with this crap, and come out the other side.


It has worked to create a happy place, so when the bad days do come along. It now deals with them a lot better than it once did.

It now knows not to sweat the small stuff.

It now knows that it is capable of anything.

So thank you, you deserve a bloody Oscar or Nobel Prize!

So whilst all the above is fairly obvious, It can be hard when a negative thought arises about ourselves to seek out the positive.

But by catching any negatives and flipping the little rascals into a positive, even a small one, over a period of time self-esteem and confidence is improved.

A ray of happiness seems to shine from within giving you clarity, acceptance and an intense feeling of gratitude towards yourself.

So yeah I am not perfect, i have my off days, i have flaws, i will never come to terms with the fact that my big toe looks like a chicken drummer.

But i am pretty lucky to have a body and mind that serves me so well each day.

And for that, i am eternally grateful.



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