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Planning and going on holiday is always super exciting.

A break from the norm, a time to refresh, see new places, explore new cultures, quality time with family or friends.

But like everything in life, there are some negatives attached.

The costs can start to mount up, if not careful, and a holiday can sometimes become a headache and a worry.

So it’s always great to try and save money, when and if we can right?

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I love travelling to Europe, and below are some of my favourite places that I have visited over the past couple of years.


Nice is located on the French Riviera, in the South of France.

I fell in love with Nice, and I didn’t expect it to be as scenic as it was.

There are an array of things to do for all ages, and I would revisit in a heartbeat.

The hop on and off bus is a must. The bus worked its way up to the Castle of Nice and the views are spectacular.

You also have some beautiful tourist hot spots like the Notre DamePromenade Des Anglais which is 7km long and Place Massena, the city’s main square.

As the South of France is so close to Italy, there are a lot of Italian restaurants that offer truly delicious food.

The city is chilled, relaxed and so pleasant.

If you have never visited then I can highly recommend, we had a wonderful time.


Amsterdam has an incredible day and night-life, with an array of tourists and residents enjoying meals and drinks around the clock, the atmosphere is electric, the city is always buzzing day-or-night.

The architecture is so unique, the first thing that stands out are the beautiful, super tall, skinny buildings compact together, with lots of windows, lining the streets and canals.

With 161 canals in the city, you more or less stumble onto one at every corner, and with trees, and bikes draped all over them – the sight is pretty picturesque.

Amsterdam is a city that has so much to offer. I have visited with friends and with my son, and each time we have had a fantastic time.


Geneva is a beautiful city in Switzerland

Switzerland is renowned for being expensive. Prices varied across the board with some food (mainly meats & fish) being expensive, but it was easy to pick out affordable food and drinks in restaurants, and the supermarkets had lots of choice.

On the whole we only spent a little more compared to what we would in other European countries, but not an excessive amount.

We visited in the Winter and flying into Geneva the view was one of the most picturesque views I have ever seen.
Everyone was shoving and nudging each other to look out the window, seeing the snowy mountains from the sky really is something special.

When checking into any hotel in Geneva tourists are given a travel pass each, you can use the trains, buses and boats all within the Geneva area for free.

This was a great perk, and we used the passes a lot.

We was staying by Lake Geneva and we would hop on the free boat at the lake and visit the Old Town, this only took 5 minutes to get to.

It had a real Parisian feel to it. It reminded me a little of Montmartre in Paris, but on a much smaller scale.

Geneva was a place I would love to revisit in the Summer months, as I feel it would be a total different experience.

Chilling outside a cafe with a strong coffee, in the sunshine watching the world go by.


Where is your favourite place to travel to in Europe?

Are you away this Summer?

I would love to know, hit me up in the comments.

A x

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