Chocolate Bark Recipe

So i feel incredibly happy that a LOT of Easter eggs will be gracing us with their presence over the next couple of weeks.

My little legs has already built up quite a stash, so we decided to make some chocolate bark.

It is such a fun recipe for the kiddies.

My little rascal loved swirling all the colouring through the chocolate, bashing the mini eggs, and not forgetting licking the spoon. (Obvs, the best part).

Chocolate Bark Recipe

Chocolate Bark Recipe


  • 3 Easter Eggs (White Chocolate)
  • Food colouring (I used red, yellow and pink)
  • 1 small bag of mini eggs
  • Hundreds and thousands

Chocolate Bark Recipe


  • Break the Easter eggs into chunks and add to a glass bowl.
  • Add 4 cups of boiling water to a medium sized pan, simmer on a medium heat and place the glass bowl in it to make a bain-marie.
  • Stir chocolate with a wooden spoon until melted.
  • Pour the melted chocolate into a large rectangle pyrex dish.
  • Add the food colouring to 3 separate small bowls.
  • Drop a couple of teaspoons of each into the chocolate and swirl with a chopstick, or skewer.
  • Bash the mini eggs so they are broken, and sprinkle over the top with the hundreds and thousands.
  • Refrigerate for 2-4 hours and then break into pieces.

Chocolate Bark Recipe

This recipe would also be a great alternative to a traditional Easter Egg.

You could fill up a clear cellophane bag add a cute ribbon, and gift them to friends and family.

Or you could just do what we did, and gobble them all up.



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