Blogger Probs!

So blogging can be pretty awesome.

Getting to waffle on about things you like, dislike.

Having the chance to chat, and meet new people. Working with brands, and attending events.

Well that is all just blooming ACE.

But like anything in life, it isn’t always apple pie in the sky with a cherry on top!

Here are 5 blogger tongue in cheek things, that well – ain’t all that great.

Blogger Probs!

1) Taking 50 million pictures to get that one perfect shot.

So 99% of the time it is actually the first or second picture i took, yes this is the one i end up using.

It’s a shame that i had to max out my memory card, and take 50 million pictures to realise this.


2) Producing content that has an edge…

The struggle is real, with new launches and similar PR products doing the rounds. If a post doesn’t stand out, or isn’t promoted right it can get a little lost.

Sometimes I nail this, sometimes not so much. It literally makes me CRY because, on to point 3…

3) Blogging is easy….

Two words, I wish.

To produce unique, informative and good content week by week takes a lot of time.

From taking the fifty million pictures, to posting a certain amount of times a week.

Then networking across all your social media sites.

It can take days to perfect one post. If that post doesn’t get much feedback or engagement, well you can be pretty sure I feel like throwing my laptop right out the window.

And then curse the day I ever thought I could be a blogger.

4) Pretending…

That I understand about SEO, affiliate links, no follow/follow links, Google’s protocol on disclosure, and all that jazz.

It’s took me 4 years to get my head around all the above, and then they go and change the rules again or enforce another regulation!


5) Putting yourself, and your opinions out there..

It is scary as hell, people love to judge and pick things apart, and even though we shouldn’t care what other people think, (I don’t for the majority) sometimes it can get to you.

Shall i put that picture up, should i say this?

Oh the self-doubt can consume me at times.

But what keeps me on this crazy wagon, is the passion, love and enjoyment blogging brings to my life.

When that stops, or the above points really start bothering me on a daily basis.

Well thats when I will throw the towel in.

But for now, you lucky lot are stuck with me.




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