*Thera-Pearl Eye Mask Review

(This post is in collaboration with Feel Good Contacts)

For the past 6 months tired eyes has been the bane of my life.

Tired eyes can be caused by a wide range of factors, including: spending to much time reading, using a laptop/phone, excessive driving, not getting enough sleep, and dehydration.

(Guilty as charged – to all the above).

When i suffer with eye fatigue it feels very uncomfortable. My eyes can feel heavy and dry, and vision becomes a little blurry. The appearance also changes, the area around my eyes appears hollow and eye bags become more prominent.

As you can imagine, eye fatigue was starting to get me down. I was on the hunt for an eye mask that i could wear of a night, as i had read so many rave reviews about how they alleviate the symptoms of eye fatigue.

When i was browsing the Feel Good Contacts Website which i do around once a month, as i order a family members contact lenses from there. I stumbled across the *Thera-Pearl Eye Mask.

This eye mask stood out in particular as the eye mask is reusable. So very cost effective and environmentally friendly. The eye mask can be used warm or cold. You warm it by popping in a microwave, or it can be chilled by popping it in the freezer.


Cold Eye Masks help alleviate puffy eyes and dark circles. The cold compress restricts the blood vessels under the eyes, which in turn reduces dark circles and puffiness.

Warm Eye Masks are great for congestion relief.

The *Thera-Pearl Eye Mask contains pearls that can retain heat, or remain cold for long periods of time.

My Thoughts……

First up, I thought it was handy that the directions were printed on the mask. I always tend to throw boxes away with the instructions in, and then end up headfirst in my recycling bin trying to dig them out.

I popped the mask in the freezer for 2 hours as advised, and when i removed it was firm and ice cold.

I don’t like bands around my head, so i was glad to see that you could unclip the band and simply place the mask over the eyes.

It states that when the mask is cold you place over the eyes for 20 minutes.

The eye mask feels very cold but soothing. As the mask is packed with soft small pearls, it thankfully doesn’t feel heavy over the eyes.

At first i struggled to lie down for twenty minutes, just because i am a bit of a fidgeter.

On day two i stuck on a meditation app and chilled out, and the twenty minutes flew by.

The first time i used the mask the area below my eye did look plumper and bags around my eyes were less prominent.

The results were immediate, as the blood vessels tense up due to the cold compress being applied.

These results do only last a short amount of time, but the area around my eye also felt less heavy, and my vision was less blurred for the remainder of the evening.

I feel this is down to two factors:

  • The cold compress of the mask.
  • Closing and resting my eyes.

10 days in, and the appearance of my eyes has improved drastically.

But Is it down to this mask?

I would say it has most definitely helped, the cold compress has restricted blood vessels around the eyes, and taking that time each night to close and rest the eyes has been very beneficial.

I have also found myself drifting off to sleep a lot easier, after i have used it. But alongside using this eye mask, i have also increased my water in-take, had breaks from my laptop, and been dimming my lights of an evening.

Taking time out each evening to use this eye mask has become an enjoyable and relaxing experience, and something i will continue to do.

Priced at just £7.99, i feel this is most definitely a worthwhile investment if you suffer with eye fatigue.

There is also an exclusive code for my readers. Just enter FEELGOODTIME at the checkout to receive 10% off your first order.


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