*The Organic Pharmacy Review

Of late i had read so many amazing reviews about *The Organic Pharmacy and i was so excited to try their products.

The Organic Pharmacy stock a wide range of beauty products and supplements for women, men and children.

They use high-tech natural extracts, pharmaceutical grade ingredients and blend the products in their own factory in London. On the whole they use all organic ingredients including aloe, coconut oil and fruit and vegetable extracts.

*The Organic Pharmacy Review

Today i will be sharing with you their multi-use *Sweet Vanilla Dry Oil and *Self Tan.

Both products arrived in the most beautiful blue box and packaging. On first inspection they appeared very high-end in their luxe glass bottles.

*The Organic Pharmacy Sweet Vanilla Dry Oil (£37):

I adore multi-use products, as i am a lazy bones. Another thing i can’t get enough of is oils. Be it face oil, body oil, or bath oil. They are so helpful in regards to restoring, hydrating and nourishing the hair and skin.

This oil contains calendula extract which helps heal the skin, and argon oil that helps to hydrate and soften skin.

The first thing that caught my eye was the spray top. This is a huge selling point for me, as it’s the easiest way to apply oils.

Bath oils aside, i feel pour out type oils are such a pain. I always pour out far to much so go through them like wildfire, and the results? Well i end up looking like i have been dipped in a tank of olive oil.

This spray spritzes out a fine light mist, so no waste. It has a very light vanilla scent. The aroma isn’t over powering or sickly, but creamy and comforting.

As it is a dry oil it sinks into the skin quickly and leaves the skin hydrated. It leaves a beautiful natural shine on the skin which i feel would be particularly lovely in the summer, when i have my pins out on display.

I also spritz a light spray over my hair after i have washed it, and then style as usual.

It is essential that i use a hair oil as my hair is very dry and i get a lot of frizz around my roots, a little hair oil helps combat this issue.

This product has fitted into my night-time routine effortlessly. My skin looks soft and appears hydrated, and most of all i adore the no fuss and quick application factor.

*The Organic Pharmacy Self Tan (£38):

I am always a little apprehensive when it comes to trying new fake tans. I have had some disasters over the years, so try and stick to the ones i know and love, so i don’t end up looking like an oompa loompa.

Housed in a glass bottle with a pump dispenser, this self tan is a white light lotion and smells absolutely amazing. It’s like cracking a coconut open and sticking your nose in it.

Yup, just heavenly.

Nope weird biscuit smell lurking inside this baby.

I use a tanning mit and apply all over my body in the evening. It sinks in quickly, and as it is packed with Shea Butter and Aloe it feels sumptuous and moisturising on the skin.

The day after i have a beautiful light natural golden tan, i continue to build this up over 2- 3 days to achieve a deeper tan. This formula leaves no streaks, patches and the shade of the tan is so natural.

I am going away on holiday next month and as i don’t sunbathe this plans to be my self-tan of choice – yes it’s that good.

Overall i am so impressed with *The Organic Pharmacy and i keep finding myself browsing their website lusting and compiling a skincare wish-list. (The Herbal Toner sounds just dreamy).

Have you ever tried anything from this brand?

I would love to know.


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