*Pasta Evangelists Review

If I could only eat one type of carbohydrate for the remainder of my life, it would be pasta.

There is nothing more comforting than a big bowl of pasta, I love how quick and easy it is to cook.

I also adore how it can be teamed with so many different ingredients and flavours.

*Pasta Evangelists Review

*Pasta Evangelists are a company that delivers fresh artisanal pasta based dishes, straight to your door.

It’s a simple process, you choose from their weekly menu of fresh pasta recipes that they deliver everything you need, for you to prepare at home.

Their chefs only use the finest seasonal ingredients and produce from Italy.

*Pasta Evangelists Review

There are 6 meals on the menu each week to choose from. They include meat and vegetarian dishes, and the meals are priced per person ranging from £6-£12 depending on what meal you opt for.

I feel this service would be particularly handy to try of a weekend, or for a dinner party.

Maybe ditching the takeaway or ready made options and treating yourself and others, to a unique dish that you may have not tried before?

It also helps you to explore different flavours, ingredients and develop your cooking repertoire.

*Pasta Evangelists Review

The ingredients arrived in a large rectangular box and the box pictured below was in a large cooler bag.

(Above image from Pasta Evangelists website)

The recipe I was sent to try was called:

Melanzane alla Parmigiana and Tagliatelle with Radicchio, Chestnut, & Parmesan.

It took me around 15 minutes to make. I must say it is the best pasta dish i have ever made at home, it was restaurant quality.

The flavours and quality of the ingredients were exquisite.

The combination of vegetables, chestnuts and different cheeses teamed with the fresh pasta was total perfection.

The Aubergine Parmigiana was in a foil tray, and i simply heated it up in the oven and mixed through the pasta.

*Pasta Evangelists Review

I really can’t wait to place an order this week, i need my pasta fix again this weekend.

If you plan on placing an order, be sure to enter ALLURE10 at the checkout and you will get £10 off your first order.

Minimum spend £13.50 and T&Cs apply.

(So yes, you ultimately could get a meal for two with P&P for a bargain £6.)

How can you resist?

I know i can’t.

Visit Pasta Evangelists here


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