*Lipstick Queen Review

Lipstick Queen is a brand that’s pretty new to me. I received one of their lipsticks in a Latest In Beauty box, and I completely adored the shade and formula.

So when I was sent the products below to try, I had very high hopes indeed.

As you can see, there are a couple of perfectly normal looking make-up products, and then some quite unique products.

*Lipstick Queen Review

*Frog Prince Lipstick:

The Frog Prince Lipstick took the beauty world by storm last year. It’s a beautiful emerald green colour, but a colour i feel the majority of us wouldn’t necessarily reach for on a daily basis?

But this is no ordinary lipstick!! All is not what it seems folks. (Inserts spooky music).

The green formula actually reacts with your lips, and the shade adapts according to your Ph and natural colouring.

It’s described as a warm universally flattering rose shade, but does appears differently on each person, as per your Ph and natural colouring.

How special does that sound?

I adore anything fun like this, it makes me feel like a child again and brings an element of magic to applying make-up.

I have worn this all week, and i really like how natural it appears. It translates to a light rose red stain on my lips. It’s sheer but very pigmented, glossy but feels very comfortable and hydrating.

For me this is a perfect day-to-day lipstick, as it’s very easy to apply and top-up when on the go.

It wears off after around 2 hours, but does leave a light stain on the lips.

You will also *definitely* turn a few heads when you whip this baby out of your handbag.

*Frog Prince Blusher:

The blusher formula also adapts to the wearers Ph and natural colouring. It’s a gel cream formula, that i find applies best when using my fingers. I swipe across the pan once, and dab across my cheeks.

I have very dry skin, so this sort of product is perfect for me. It feels hydrating and appears dewy. It leaves a very light rose tinted sheer stain on my cheeks. The lipstick and blusher are so similar, and are perfect to create a barely there make-up look.

Infused with natural oils and shea butter, i was a little dubious that the shea butter may break me out. But the amount must be minuscule as i am a week in, and all is good.

The handy mirror is also much welcomed, and the packaging on both the lipstick and blusher is stunning.

The striking contrast of the green formula and the bright pink packaging, is total perfection.

*Nothing But the Nudes Lipstick – Nothing But the Truth:

Nothing But the Truth is a beige nude shade that feels soft and balm like on the lips. The formula is very pigmented i only need to swipe once across the lips, and i am good to go.

The formula is so comfortable as it has oils, waxes and vitamin C in, and stays on for around two hours.

I have The Truth lipstick from this range and absolutely adore it, as its edging towards the more pinky side of town. Brown nudes unfortunately do not suit me. But the formula is incredible, it is so creamy and leaves a beautiful sheen on the lips, which helps them to appear plumper and fuller.


*Altered Universe Time Warp Gloss:

Described as an multi-dimensional illuminating gloss. The shade Time Warp has cherry and gold tones that translate to the lips as an iridescent rose gold champagne tint. Iridescent type glosses are my favourite, i love how they catch the light and appear different, dependant on the angle. This shade is really light when on my lips, the formula has crushed pearls laced within it and this aspect helps the particles to catch the light in a stunning and flattering way.

The product feels so comfortable on the lips, and not at all gritty or sticky. I feel it would just be perfect topped over a bold pink or red lipstick.

*Invisible Lip Liner:

I am rubbish at applying lip liner, the only one i have ever got on board with is Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillow Talk.

This product claims to create an invisible line that defines the lip, helps hold lipstick in place, and stops lipstick from bleeding.

I think it’s an excellent money and space saving idea. One universal lip liner, that can be used what ever shade of lip product you choose.

As you can see below the silicone wax nib is white, and it feels soft and glides easily along the lips. Even though there is no colour, the wax does create a barrier and helps my lip shape to appear more defined.

I also agree it does help lipstick from bleeding. When i colour the whole lip with the wax, it does help to prolong the longevity of my lipstick too.

*Lipstick Queen Review

The Frog Prince Lipstick and Invisible Lip Liner are my favourites I haven’t stopped using them both, with the blusher and gloss coming a close second.

Have you tried anything from Lipstick Queen? I would love to know.



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