*Christian Breton Charcoal Mask Review

Christian Breton is a brand that is pretty new to me, i reviewed their *Lifting & Facial Sheet Masks a couple of months ago, and i am currently trialing their facial oil and their eyelash builder.

Sheet masks are my favourite type of face mask. I use two a week, and find them incredibly soothing, hydrating and relaxing.

My favourite aspect is that they are so easy to use, you simply place over the face, remove, and then massage the excess product into the skin.

No fuss, just how i like it.

The *Christian Breton Charcoal Sheet Masks claims to reduces the appearance of pores and deeply purifies and detoxifies the skin. They claim to give the skin excellent hydration and leave the skin appearing younger. They also claims to banish impurities to reveal a glowing and more radiant complexion.

Big claims huh?

So how is this achieved?

The mask has an array of ingredients that include:

  • Charcoal: charcoal has many purifying and detoxifying properties. It removes excess sebum, traces of pollution and impurities.
  • Volcanic ash: this helps the skin to eliminate toxins. Pores are less visible and the skin is revitalized.
  • Caviar: rich in vitamins, it slows down the skin’s ageing process. The skin is left smoother and firmer.
  • Algae: deeply hydrates your skin whilst protecting it thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties.

You are advised to remove all make-up, thoroughly cleanse the skin and place the mask over the face.

You leave the mask on for 20-25 minutes, and then remove and pat the excess serum into the skin.

(You can also pop in the fridge for ten minutes before, to enhance the cooling effect).

My thoughts….

The masks are very wet with serum, and fit perfectly onto the shape of my face.

My problem areas are my forehead (dehydration lines) hormonal spots (chin) and redness (cheeks and nose).

I have used all three sheet masks over the past two weeks, and i am very happy with the results.

Immediately after my skin felt soft, supple and firm. The next morning my skin still felt hydrated, and appeared firm and smooth.

When I applied my foundation and concealer, well this is when the magic happened.

My skin looked tonnes better than usual. It appeared smooth, hydrated, and large pores around my cheek and forehead area were less prominent.

So yup this mask did most definitely leave my skin appearing younger and more radiant, as claimed. (YESSS).

I use budget sheet masks regularly, and I must say that the *Christian Breton Charcoal Sheet Mask are streets ahead, in terms of seeing visible improvements immediately, and longer lasting results compared to the, Garnier, or Korean style face sheet masks i have tried.

These are a great at home skincare treatment, and i can highly recommend.

My only one niggle is the price. They cost £36 for a box of three – £12 per mask.

So even though the results speak for themselves, I personally would only use them before or after a special event. Or after a flight, when my skin needed that extra bit of TLC.

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