The Ordinary Serum Foundation Review

I have tried many products from The Abnormal Company mainly from The Ordinary line, and every single product i have tried i have really liked.

So when the hype died down and i managed to get my paws on the highly raved about The Ordinary Serum Foundation, my expectations where super high.

Priced at £6 for 30ml of product. The lightweight foundation claims to offer a medium coverage with a built in 15SPF, and there is 21 shades in the range.

I opted for the shade 2.0N light medium neutral.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation Review

My thoughts:

The packaging is simple and plain, you dispense the foundation via the pump. It is a light liquid consistency that is very runny, as you can see above. Around two pumps is all that is needed, and this amount covers the whole face with ease.

I have tried various ways of applying the foundation, as it’s so runny i find a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is my favourite tool of choice, to get the product on my face. I then dab over the whole face with a damp beauty blender, to blend out any brush strokes.

It takes a while to blend into the skin as the consistency is water like. Which is a little time consuming i must say.

The colour is a good match, but i know a lot of people have struggled to match a shade to their skin tone, and end up mixing two different shades together.

When blended the skin looks glowy, luminous and it doesn’t highlight fine lines or large pores.

The coverage is light but buildable, and it has a semi matte finish.

I suffer from redness, dark pigmentation and i do have to touch these areas up with a concealer.

But this personally doesn’t bother me, i have recently ditched heavy coverage foundations for more lighter formulas.

Hence why i opted for the serum foundation, and not the full coverage foundation.

I prefer to cover any imperfections with concealer, whilst keeping the rest of my base light.

But that being said, it still overs a decent coverage – more than i expected.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation Review

Now what i don’t like…

The formula doesn’t feel comfortable on my skin. The only word that i feel i can use to describe the sensation is slightly “wet”.

My skin condition is normal at the moment, but i could imagine people with oily skin would have even more so of an issue.

It never feels like it has truly set.

It’s a strange one.

I have tried with or without a primer, and it still seems to sit on the skin in this way.

Piling on the setting powder is my only option to keep this sensation at bay.

Which i don’t like to do.

So you can see my dilemma?

But I still do feel it is a foundation worth trying due to the price point, as there is a lot of elements that i really like about it.

Have you tried anything from The Ordinary company?

Hit me up in the comments.


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