Slim’s Pork Chop Express Liverpool Review

I had been wanting to visit Slim’s Pork Chop Express for so long. I follow them on Twitter and seeing their dishes pop up on my timeline, always had me drooling at my desk!

So when i was invited along to sample the menu, i hopped, skipped and jumped all the way down there.

Located on Seel Street Liverpool, it’s the little sister of the bigger restaurant down the road – Salt Dog Slims.

We was greeted by a friendly waitress who took us to our table upstairs. Even though the venue was small, the space had been utilised very well and it felt cosy and inviting.

Salt Dog Slims Express Liverpool Review

The interior is quirky with lamps, neons lights and pictures dotted about, making the space feel fun and informal.

I also appreciated the open kitchen, as i love to have a nose at whats going on behind the scenes.

Salt Dog Slims Express Liverpool Review

We had a look over the cocktail menu,  it was Friday night – so why the hell not?

Our favourite Expresso Martini was not featured, but the waitress said they could make us one, no problemo.

Salt Dog Slims Express Liverpool Review

Salt Dog Slims Express Liverpool ReviewMe and my friend studied the menu. There was a selection of burgers, pulled pork, lamb, and chicken dishes.

We decided to share the 8 piece Kornflake chicken main, with a side of chips, gravy and coleslaw.

Around 15 minutes later our food arrived and as you can see below it looked incredible, and i can confirm it all tasted delicious. Each element was piping hot and fresh.

Salt Dog Slims Express Liverpool Review

The Kornflake chicken was utterly delicious. Just the right amount of crispy cornflakes, coating juicy mouthwatering chicken. The chips where so hot and crispy, and not at all greasy.

The coleslaw was homemade, and the gravy had wholegrain mustard in, which added such a delicious tangy kick.

Salt Dog Slims Express Liverpool Review

When we had devoured the food we ordered 2 drinks, and the waitress asked if we would like singles or a double.

We specified a single, but when it arrived we both agreed it did taste a little strong.

When the bill arrived we had in fact been served a double, and also been charged for it.

The drinks are a little on the expensive side, so i was a little disappointed that we had been given the wrong order, and then we had to pay for it.

This was the only glitch. As I had received the meal complimentary and the cocktails, i paid the bill and put it down to a genuine error- which of course can happen to any one of us.

I worked in a bar for many years, and i know when it’s busy, mistakes can happen.

Slims Pork Chops Express is a funky, quirky and laid back restaurant that offers quality, delicious, homemade fast-food.

The Happy Hour Menu is also a total bargain with lots of dishes costing £5, between 3pm to 7pm Monday to Friday.

Me and my friend both said we would return, in a heartbeat.

We have our eye on their Roast Dinners, they look absolutely incredible.


*Food and drink featured in this post (minus the double vodkas haha) where complimentary.

*Views as always are 100% my own.

*Please visit my Disclaimer for more information.


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