The Pressure of Christmas

I love Christmas, it’s my favourite time of year.

But, yeah, erm, I am so sorry for throwing a BUT into the mix.

For the majority of us it can be a little overwhelming, it can become a non-stop stress fest.

The planning, organising, visiting, shopping, wrapping, cooking, more wrapping, writing cards, the tree.

The tree.

Please don’t get me started on the god damn tree.

“Christmas lights you evil!”

The Pressure of Christmas

I can relate to the stress Christmas can bring to the table!

My very first panic attack happened at Christmas time.

The panic attack that triggered my anxiety and overwhelming feelings of self-doubt

At the time I had no idea why I felt this way, and what had caused it.

On reflection, I now know.

I hadn’t been treating my mind and body correctly, and the pressure of life and then the added intensity of Christmas had been a trigger.

(Totally not putting the whole blame on crimbo by the way, this added stress was just the icing on the cake).

I now look back, and can’t believe I had put so much pressure on myself.

My body and mind had responded to this pressure, it was screaming out for me to take better care of myself.

The Pressure of Christmas

When I reflect, I am now thankful that I went through this dark time.

Because I now prioritise my well-being.

I focus on self-care, I now know myself so much better.

But, yes, sorry the BUT is back again. I do struggle a little when Christmas pops bye to say hello!

Us adults have so much to do. We rush around, and put so much pressure on ourselves, everything has to be perfect.

From wrapping what feels like hundreds of presents, planning elf on the shelf ideas, trying to recreate Jamie Oliver’s Christmas Dinner, to fighting in Toys R Us for the last bloomin Hatchimal.

(Apparently this was actually a thing last year, full on fisty cuffs).

Things get CRAY, for sure!

But non of this matters.

It doesn’t matter if we don’t get the present we so dearly wanted.

It doesn’t matter if we forget to defrost the turkey.

(Looking right in your eyeballs Mum).

It doesn’t matter if we forget to send a Christmas card to great Aunt Marg!

The main thing is we are with the people who we love, we enjoy ourselves, and we have our health and happiness.

So this Christmas above all, if you get a mo.

(In-between trying to get that Asda Christmas delivery slot, which are harder to source than gold dust).

Take a minute, give yourself a break, and give yourself the gift of calm.



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