Reflecting – A Word for the Year.

So 2018 is nearly upon us …………

But errrr hold up, where did 2017 go though?

The little rascal wasn’t around long was it?

But it’s all good because I do get super excited when a New Year pops by to say hello.

I have always made New Year Resolutions, but gone are the days of promising myself I will lose five stone, eat clean, and run a marathon.

Small steps and all that.

When making New Year Resolutions I usually reminisce on the year gone by, and pick out the aspects I felt I was a bit rubbish at.

Last year my resolutions were:

  • Managing my finances better.
  • Becoming more organised.

I feel i did on the whole, accomplish the above.

(Gimme a high five sister!)

This year i don’t think I am going to set any New Year Resolutions so to say, I am just going to carry on with what I have been doing.

But a New Year and all that jazz, I do want to improve on myself, but I also don’t want to put a heap pressure on myself.

So this year i have decided i will be picking:

“A word for the year”

I only heard about this concept recently, but the idea is that you pick a “word” and this is your theme for the year ahead.

Apparently incorporating a positive “word” into every day life helps to stimulate us, and motivate us to help achieve our goals.

The word can be anything, for example:

  • Joy
  • Love
  • Pursue
  • Achieve
  • Positive
  • Sparkle
  • Calm
  • Adventure

My word for the year is……



I simply plan to pump all my energy and time into the people and things that make me feel happy.

I am going to engulf my life with it all!

Come to Mamma!

In-turn this should start the ball rolling, and help me distance myself from people and things that don’t make me feel happy.

I feel this no fuss and simple approach to the year ahead, is exactly what I need to do in 2018.

By incorporating this “happy” theme into my daily life, hopefully it will help me to grow, and ditch some of the negativity in my life.

Now the exciting part!!

I plan on making a vision board with Happiness being the theme.

It’s going to be huge, super colourful and sparkly.


I am going to put it in my bedroom so each morning I am reminded to incorporate this theme into each day.

Hopefully having the vision board will stimulate, motivate and remind me to incorporate as many “happy” vibes as I can into my daily life.

Have you ever heard of “a word for the year

I think it’s a fantastic idea, and great for all those who don’t fancy setting New Year Resolutions.

Happy New Year, loves!!

Speak to you lovely lot in 2018 :o)



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