Christmas Charity Appeal Update

If you caught my first post here, then you will know all about this years Christmas Charity Appeal.

I wanted to check in and give everyone who liked, shared, or donated an update.

£254 was raised (WOW) and with this money 50 Care Packs have now been made.

The care packs will be distributed to people sleeping rough this Christmas, in Liverpool.

So i thought i would give a breakdown of everything i bought with the donations, the cost, and show you the care packs.

Eeeeek i am SO excited!

(There is also a hand sanitiser gel included in each bag, but it seems to have gone walkies from this photograph).

  • 64 pairs of wooly winter socks.  £35
  • 50 tubes of toothpaste.              £15
  • 50 small soaps                           £8.99
  • 60 pairs of gloves                      £29.49
  • 60 granola bars                          £16.99
  • 50 antiperspirant wipes             £27.99
  • 64 travel toothbrushes             £29.60
  • 50 packets of pocket tissues.  £11.00
  • 110 anti-bacterial hand gel.      £17.96
  • 50 Christmas Carrier Bags.      £5.00
  • 50 lip balms.                             £25.00
  • 200 biscuits                              £20.00

Total cost of items: £242.00

Total raised – £254

Justgiving & Paypal fees: £16.12

Total leftover: £237.88

So as you can see i only had to add £4.14 to the total cost of the care packs.

20 bags will be donated to The Secret Kitchen and 20 bags to The Whitechapel Charity.

The 10 leftover bags i will be keeping back, and giving to people sleeping rough in Liverpool City Centre in the coming weeks.

There is also a box of leftover items, this box will be donated to The Secret Kitchen.

Whilst i am aware that these bags are just a small gift, and don’t change the circumstances for the most vulnerable people in our society.

I hope that they may bring a little smile, hope and love to some.

So THANK YOU once again for all your support and donations, and making this years appeal a HUGE success.



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