*Santa Maluco Liverpool Review

My little mans favourite food in the whole wide world is pizza, he would happily eat it every day.

When i was invited along to Santa Maluco, to experience Vegan Monday’s.

There is no guessing who my plus one was.

Santa Malucos

Me and little legs arrived around 5pm, and was shown to our table.

We placed our drinks order. As it was freezing outside i opted for a cup of tea, and a babyccino for the little man, as recommended by our friendly and attentive waitress.

A babyccino is warm milk, topped with chocolate.

Little legs gulped it down in one.

Such a fun drink for the little people.

Santa MalucosSanta MalucosSanta Malucos

Santa Malucos is located on Castle Street in Liverpool and the menu features pizzas, salads, and the most amazing cocktails.

I wouldn’t expect anything less in the ole cocktail department, as its sister company is Santa Chupitos.

A very well known cocktail bar, also in the city centre.

Santa Maluco pizzas are inspired by Brazilian style pizzas, that have very distinctive and innovative toppings

The restaurant decor is also Brazilian inspired. It’s rustic, spacious and has colourful artwork and features walls.

The restaurant offers a rodizio menu.

The way a rodizio menu works is that you pay a set price of either £10.95 or £15.95 (depending on the time) and you can try as many slices of pizza as you like.

There was seven vegan pizzas on the rodizio menu, and each pizza that you see below is 100% vegan.

They were as follows:

Return of the mac:

Mince, mozzarella, tomato base, big mac sauce, white onions, pickles, lettuce.

Lo Pan:

Mozzarella, curry sauce, salt and pepper tofu, spring onions, chillis, sriracha, char sui

Santa Malucos

What the duck:

Mozzarella, mock duck, spring onion, cucumber, char sui, sesame seed.

Buffalo Soldier:

Buffalo cauliflower (frank’s red hot), tomato base, mozzarella, blue cheese, celery.

Santa Malucos

The Falaffin:

Mozzarella, tomato base, falafel, tomato, cucumber, tahini, walnuts.


Tomato base, mozzarella, ratatouille.


Mozzarella, tomato base.

Santa Malucos

As you can see, they look absolutely delicious.

I was a little unsure if my little man would try them to be honest, but as soon as they arrived he tucked in and thoroughly enjoyed them, as did I.

I tried a slice of each, and i enjoyed each one.

But my favourites were the Buffalo Soldier, What the Duck and The Falaffin.

Every pizza we tried was hot, tasty and the mixture of ingredients were incredibly flavoursome.

Santa MalucosSanta Malucos Liverpool Review

A small spinner is placed on the table and you simply turn the spinner when you have had enough, ready for more, or want to switch to the dessert pizza.

Santa Malucos Liverpool Review

This is such a great idea, as the waiter or waitress can simply glance over at this spinner.

Brucie was super excited for the dessert pizza, as you can see.

It was topped with chocolate spread, strawberries, hazelnut and sweet cream.

Santa Malucos Liverpool Review

Even though Monday’s are primarily Vegan Monday’s.

Santa Maluco still has their full menu on offer.

So meat lovers do not fret.

We left around 6pm, and the restaurant was starting to fill up, and it was clear to see why.

This is a restaurant that i would visit time and time again.

The service was super quick, the pizza’s just kept coming!

I really did not miss the meat or dairy, as each pizza was packed with delicious, innovative toppings and flavours.

The rodizio menu is a wonderful idea, and it gives you the opportunity to try a wide range of flavours and ingredients.

If you are in the Liverpool area, I highly recommend a visit.


 *Services featured on this post were complimentary.

* All opinions are my own, for more information visit my Disclaimer here.


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