ColourPop Review

I have wanted to place a ColourPop order for so long now, after seeing the brand heavily featured on Gemma Etc. & The Beautiful Bluebird.

Colourpop is an American company that offers cruelty free, purse friendly beauty products. As the products are shipped from America, there is a custom charge to pay.

My order cost £32, and then i was billed £17 custom charges. So £49 in total, and i ordered 10 products.

So each product costed on average – £4.90.

I think you will agree, the cost of these products are great on the ole purse strings.

ColourPop Review

What made me place an order at this particular time, was i wanted to get my mits on some of the My Little Pony limited edition products.

My Little Pony: Posey – Super Shock Shadow:

A soft pink, beige shade with silver, gold and pink glitter. 

The Super Shock formula is like nothing I have ever tried before. When you press your finger into the formula, you feel like it is going to sink in, but it actually bounces back.

It is so soft and smooth, this shadow i feel is perfect to use in the inner corner of the eye and over another eye-shadow to add a little sparkle. As the base shade is pale and close to my skin colour, i do not feel it could be used alone.

There is 3 different shades of glitter through the shadow, so it packs a punch.

With Christmas on the horizon i feel i will be using this a lot. The product is pigmented and i experienced no fall out, and it stayed on the entire day.

colourpop reviewcolourpop review

My Little Pony: Trickles -Pressed Powder Highlighter:

A purple pearlised silky soft, super blendable, high shine powder highlighter.

An icy pink toned highlighter. This is the one product I am not overly wowed by. I feel it lacks pigment, it barely shows up on my skin. I prefer to top it over another highlighter. The texture is smooth, but i struggled to build it up without it appearing cakey. Unfortunately i would not recommend.

(Swatch above).

ColourPop Review

Super Shock Cheek – Drop of a Hat:

This long-wearing crème powder cheek formula is the BFF of our famous Super Shock Shadows; it shares the same unique texture that is extremely buildable and blends smoothly to leave the cheeks looking healthy.

Described as a pearlised peach shade as you can see below, it is more a reddish copper warm toned blusher. It translates beautifully onto my skin, leaving a natural flawless finish.

It reminds me a little of Mac Warm Soul, but its a tad lighter, and not as harsh .

This Super Shock formula is incredible, the best i have ever tried.

colourpop reviewcolourpop review

(Swiped three times with my finger, i have featured this picture again so you can see the product and then the swatch)

Aquamarine Crystal Setting Spray: 

A crystal-infused​ ​​finishing spray to set and keep your makeup in place all day.

I love hydrating setting sprays this time of year. As my skin becomes very dehydrated.

The fluid is an aqua colour, and it has apple extract to enhance hydration, and it has a light grapefruit scent.

When i first sprayed this on, it shot in my eye. Ouch.

I now hold it as far away from my face as i can, and it hits the skin like a mist.

It hasn’t irritated my skin, and it does help my foundation to appear more dewy. For $6 i am impressed.

Brow Boss Pencil – Dark Brown:

Get naturally, defined brows with this long wearing, mistake-proof, retractable pencil. Its buildable colour and attached spoolie make it easy to create hair-like strokes to fill in sparser areas.

ColourPop Reviewcolourpop review

When i first swatched this eyebrow crayon, some snapped off. I felt I had to press really hard to get the product to show on my arm.

After the initial bad start and not having high hopes, i am enjoying using it.

The crayons nib is really thin, so i find it easy create small natural strokes through my brow.

The colour is dark brown, and has no warm tones, this is perfect for me, as my eyebrows are naturally very dark.

The colour pay off is good, and it doesn’t transfer or move about the face. A very easy product to use.

colourpop review

(All the lip products featured have the same small doefoot applicator, and this aspect make application super easy. I personally get around 2-3 hours wear time from the matte lip products, and 1-2 hour with the glossy lip products).

colourpop review

Ultra Matte Lip – Times Square:

The ultra matte lips are described as a thin, lightweight formula smoothly glides on the lips leaving SUPER intense pigment with a bold, ultra-matte look.

This shade is a dark rosy pink nude shade.

This is my favourite lip colour out of the bunch. The matte formula is smooth and pigmented. It takes a while to dry down, but when it does it looks incredible. It doesn’t highlight any lines or dry patches on my lips. The dark rosy nude shade suits my skin tone perfectly. I love it.

Ultra Matte Lip – Viper:

Another lip product from the Ultra Matte range.

Viper is described as a dark dusty rose shade. This shade packs a punch, it’s a statement colour.

I feel i will wear this shade of an evening, as it is so bold.

colourpop review

My Little Pony: Ponyland – Ultra Glossy Lip:

A lilac shade lightly sprinkled with pink and gold glitter. 

I must admit I am not really a gloss type of girl, but the formula of the Ultra Glossy Lip is fantastic. It doesn’t feel uncomfortable or sticky, it feels feel smooth and non-drying. This is a light transparent lilac shade and the glitter laced throughout is delicate, so it catches the light beautifully.

You can not feel the glitter particles in anyway, which is an added bonus.

Ultra Glossy Lip – Game On:

Described as a high shine gloss with medium-coverage, crème finish in a moisturising and non-sticky, comfortable formula.

This is a pinky peach nude shade, that is a really pale and non offensive. This is perfect if you want to achieve a natural, yet glossy lip. The same as PonyLand the formula is comfortable, non sticky and 2 swipes across the lips and you are good to go.

I also ordered the No Fair Concealer, but forgot to photograph it, so i will feature it on another post.

As you can see, I am super impressed, and so glad i finally took the leap and placed an order.

I can imagine, there will be many more to come.

What are your favourite products featured today?



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