I Love False Eyelashes

No make-up look is complete, without a set of false eyelashes.

From natural style lashes, to straight up spider legs touching my eyebrows. I can’t get enough of them.

My lashes are non-existent, so i depend heavily on faking my flutter.

In the past i usually purchased false eyelashes from Boots or Superdrug, but the past couple of times I have been ordering from the website False Eyelashes.

I Love False Eyelashes

I Love False Eyelashes

I stumbled across the website as i couldn’t make it into town, and needed a couple of sets for the weekend ahead.

The company offer such a wide variety of different eyelash brands on their website, plus they offer Free First Class Delivery within the UK.

“Free Shipping”  that is everything right?

Mastering applying false eyelashes, well it has been a bit of a journey.

They can be such fiddly little things, and there has been some (A LOT) of disasters over the years.

Thankfully, practise does make perfect, and now i can whack a pair on in a couple of minutes.

I have picked up some great tips in regards to applying false eyelashes along the way, and i thought i would share them with you today:

  • Firstly I place the lash with no glue on the lid, I make sure it’s the right size. Some may need to be snipped to fit.
  • I apply the glue to the eyelash band and wait around 30 seconds before I apply. When the glue is tacky, I find that the lash is easier to manoeuvre.
  • I look down slightly, into a mirror, and with a pair of tweezers i place the eyelash on top of my own.
  • Using the tweezers, I press down on the outer and inner part of the false eyelash first, and then I work my way into the middle pressing down.
  • I wait around 3 minutes, and then I brush through my own lashes and the false eyelashes, with a spoolie.
  • I always apply a liquid eyeliner across the lash line, this helps to give the lashes definition and appear more natural.

I Love False Eyelashes

I am by no means an expert at applying false eyelashes, but I do find that when i do the above, nine times out of ten, i am successful.

It’s the first time I have ever tried Red Cherry or Ardell false eyelashes, and I really like them. They both felt light-weight, and both brands had a thin band. Eyelashes with a thin bad are so much easier to work with, and they feel a lot more comfortable.

My favourite eyelashes out of all the lashes i tried had to be the Red Cherry ‘Stevie’ style.

I loved how they gradually became longer at the ends, I have found this type of style really suits my eye shape.

The eyelashes also have a purse friendly price tag. Ranging from £3.99 to £4.49.

If you wear false eyelashes, and have never visited the False Eyelashes website, i highly recommend you take a peek.

You won’t be disappointed.


  *Products featured on this post are press samples or gifted items.

*Please visit my Disclaimer here for more information.



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