Eating Well on a Budget

I try, for the “majority” of the time to cook and eat the healthiest meals possible. I feel so much better when I am feeding my body with all the right things. I work full time, so life can be super busy through the week, like most people’s.

The last thing i want to do after a long day, is to spend hours slogging in the kitchen rustling up a healthy, tasty dinner.

I have a number of food tips that I have picked up over the years, to help combat this issue.

These tips have helped me to enjoy healthy, purse friendly and tasty nutritious meals, that are quick and easy to make.

Over the past year I have reduced my weekly food bill by half, but still managed to eat the same tasty meals and snacks.

And here is how.

eating well on a budget

Batch Cooking:

When cooking the likes of curries, stews, soups, bolognese, etc. I always double up. I usually spend a couple of hours of a weekend doing this.

Eating Well on a Budget
Batch cooking saves me so much time through the week. I pop the dishes in tupperware, and into the freezer. I usually take a dish i have froze out the freezer of a morning, and pop in my fridge to defrost.

When i get home, i reheat it and then just add some rice, pasta, potatoes or vegetables.

Batch cooking saves me a load of pennies too, as no food is wasted. Having meals ready also helps me making any spontaneous “takeaway orders”.

Reduced Section:

Who doesn’t love a good bargain? All supermarkets, including Marks & Sparks usually fill their reduced section up daily, around 4pm in the afternoon. From fresh meats, meals, fruit, the majority can be frozen and saved for a rainy day. I once bought a huge joint of beef for £2, i don’t even eat beef, but ya know, it would have been a crime leaving it sitting there for that price.

Packed Lunch:

Last year i spent an absolute fortune on my lunches and coffees at work. From fresh fruit and yoghurt for breakfast, to a salad and coffee for lunch. I was easily forking out £10 a day.

I am now spending that a week.

What i have for my tea, i double up, and pop it in a lunch box with some salad. From grilled chicken, omelet, to making up a batch of tuna mayo. I am saving a small fortune!

One yoghurt in my local shop was £1, I am now getting 3 or 4 pots for that price at the supermarket. I also bring a flask of coffee to work.

Yes, some may say total cheapskate. Haha! I say “savvy”.

Sauces and Flavouring:

A jar of paprika is around £1. It easy does 5-10 meals depending on how much you use. Yet a sachet of lets say “Maggi Paprika Marinade” is £1 for 1 serving. SCANDALOUS!

Eating Well on a Budget
I stock up around 3 times a year on a bunch of herbs, spices, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and Olive oil etc. I make my own sauces and marinades. Plus as well as saving money, I am avoiding any hidden salts, fats or artificial flavourings sneakily slipping into my meals.

I know exactly what I am adding to my food, and saving pennies all at the same time.

Bulk Buying & BOGOF:

All supermarkets offer deals. 3 for 2, buy one get one half price, etc.

Sometimes the offers can be pretty amazing.

Then sometimes they can be pretty rubbish.

Sometimes you just don’t need 50 packets of cheese and onion Walkers knocking about, even if you are saving a quid.

I try and source the foods I eat a lot of, and then try and hunt down offers.

If you eat a shed load of meat, Costco is the place to go. If you eat a lot of vegetables and fruit, farmer markets and fruit and veg shops are your best bet.

(Or once again, take a peek at the reduced section).

I usually buy fish and chicken from Costco and cut into portions and freeze. In the long-run it saves time, and money.

So these are basically my tips, oh wait one last one!

  • I roast any leftover vegetables that are near their sell by date, and blend with tomatoes and freeze.

Eating Well on a Budget

Eating Well on a Budget

A simple roasted vegetable tomato sauce is so handy to have in. You can add it to curries, soups, bolegnase, etc. Or eat alone with some fresh bread. YUM!

Do you have any of your own budget and time saving food tips?

Hit me up in the comments.



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