Optimum PhytoCellTec Skin Illuminating Glycolic Overnight Peel Review

I have been really impressed with all the products I have tried so far from the Optimum range at Superdrug. I have reviewed the day cream here if you fancy a nose.

It’s a great range of products that are incredibly purse friendly. Plus Superdrug always have some sort of offer on. It’s currently “buy one, get one free” at the mo.

My good friend Gemma, from Gemma Etc, highly recommended the Optimum PhytoCellTec Skin Illuminating Glycolic Overnight Peel (gulp, thats a mouthful) so i knew that i had to try it ASAP.

Optimum PhytoCellTec Skin Illuminating Glycolic Overnight Peel Review

The product is an overnight peel, that can be used in replace of a serum or moisturiser. It claims to firm and plump the skin, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles while helping to improve skin tone for a more radiant, younger-looking complexion.

My thoughts.

The product is housed in a small grey plastic bottle, and it has a pump dispenser. I pump 2 pumps onto the back of my hand and cover my face and neck (avoiding the eye and lip area). The formula is a gel, it’s lightweight and a pale lilac colour. When applied to the skin the gel feels lightweight, cooling and absorbs into the skin quickly. You are advised to leave on overnight, and then wash off the next morning.

Optimum PhytoCellTec Skin Illuminating Glycolic Overnight Peel Review

I have used a lot of glycolic based products over the years, so you could say that I have built up a resistance to the tingling and uncomfortable feeling that can occur when using a product, that has a high glycolic acid content.

So with this in mind, even though i didn’t feel any uncomfortable tingling sensation, if you haven’t exposed your skin to acids before, you may experience some mild uncomfortable tingling when using this product.

Optimum PhytoCellTec Skin Illuminating Glycolic Overnight Peel Review

I did search high and low to try and source the Gylcolic acid content in this product, but could not find the percentage anywhere. I feel it is around 5%, I have used products that contain 5% and 20% glycolic acid content, and i feel that this is around 5%.

This assumption is only based on the fact that I didn’t experience a tingling sensation. It felt the same as Alpha H Liquid Gold does on my skin, and this has a 5% glycolic acid content.

It is advised that you use the peel to replace your serum or moisturiser, and it can be used every night. I personally use it twice a week.

I have used this product for around 3 weeks now, and I really like it. My skin appears a lot smoother and softer the morning after I have used it. It feels like it has been deeply exfoliated. The peel also helps to improve any skin issues I may be experiencing, from dehydration, dry patches, dullness to spots. The skin is noticeably more luminous and i feel that my skin is more firm and taught, in turn helping reduce the appearance of fine lines.

The Optimum range is taking the beauty world by storm, winning awards and featuring in many magazines and editorials.

Proving that sometimes,  decent skincare doesn’t always have to carry a heft price-tag.

Priced at £12.99, i feel this is an incredible product that everyone should have in their stash.

Have you tried anything from the Optimum range?



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