Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita Review

I am a person that when I like something, i can’t get enough of it. Especially when it comes to make-up. I will use it every day, and probably use way to much of it.

Enter, Kat Von D Everlasting Lipstick in Lolita. I am totally head over heels, and I “think” it’s my current favourite lipstick.

Kat Von D Lolita

I had the mini version last year and wore it most days. A lot of people complimented me on the shade, and also asked if I had my lips surgically enhanced? I hadn’t, it was all down to Lolita the reason why my lips looked more defined, plumper and fuller.

My thoughts:

The Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks are housed in a tall slim tube. They are lightweight and travel friendly. The lipsticks have a creamy smooth formula that appears glossy at first, but then dries matte. This product is incredibly pigmented, one swipe across the lips is all that’s needed.

It feels super comfortable on the lips and it doesn’t tug, or transfer in any way, the staying power is also pretty impressive. Around 3 hours if I don’t eat or drink, and 2 hours if i do.

(The claim is 24 hours wear time which sorry, I just don’t buy).

Lolita is described as a warm plum shade, but searching the web it’s very apparent that this shade translates a little different from person-to-person. On me it appears to be a warm dark pinky/brown shade.

Kat Von D Lolita

(Sorry about lip picture quality, i took 20 pictures and this was the best out of a bad bunch, but i figured it was better than nothing).

The wand is long and thin with a small doe applicator. I am awful at applying lip products, but this doe applicator is the best i have ever tried, in terms of easily achieving a professional and precise finish.

Kat Von D LolitaKat Von D Lolita

The formula is non-drying as it’s packed full of moisturisers and sunflower seed wax, this helps keep the lips moist and hydrated. I think the added moisturisers also helps the formula to fade evenly, and not leave any stains or patches on the lips.

I have found that some matte liquid lipsticks currently on the market, fade unevenly leaving harsh stains and patches, and it’s a total bugbear of mine.

If you are a little wary of matte formulas, i would recommend you try this range. It’s one of the most long-wearing, and comfortable matte liquid lipsticks i have ever tried.

Priced at £17, i feel this is a good price for an amazing product.

Have you tried any of the everlasting lipsticks?

If you have, give me all the shade recommendations please.



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