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This month has been a little slow on the old book front. I have been super busy, and became hooked on the last 2 seasons of House of Cards.

(If you haven’t watched, I highly recommend! Binge watching material at its finest! I also now have a total crush on Kevin Spacey) .


These are two books that I have been dipping into, when I haven’t been engrossed watching Mr Spacey!

The Girls – Emma Cline.

I picked this up in Waterstones,  i hadn’t read any reviews or ever heard of it before. I totally judged this book by the cover.

The story is based around a teenager called Evie Boyd and is set in California. The book starts at present day, and Evie seems troubled, scared and leading a lonely life. It then flips to 1969, and you find that teenager Evie is desperate to fit in with her peers. Her Mum & Dad are estranged, and her Mum is a little unpredictable and doesn’t seem to be providing a stable home for her. She seems more interested in her love life. Evie is desperate to get in with the local group of  “cool girls”. But these cool girls seem to be part of a cult, that mirrors that of the evil Manson family. Something sinister is going to happen, and Evie’s life will change forever.

I must admit this book has took a little time for me to get into. The plot moves slow, i do feel this is necessary, as it is setting the scene for something quite sinister. The writing is deep and intellectual, and this factor adds to the suspense and anticipation.

I have mixed feelings in regards to the pace and storyline. It isn’t a book that I can’t put down, yet it isn’t one that I want to stop reading. I really feel for Evie, she is a vulnerable teenager who is lost and seeking acceptance, validation, and most of all love – in a dangerous and unsafe place. It is this element and the fact i want to find out what happens, that is keeping me ploughing on through.

Blood Sisters- Jane Corey.

I had been dying to get my mits on this book for so long, i pre-ordered it and dived right in as soon it arrived. Again based in present tense, but the story is based around a death that happened in the past. Three girls set off for school one sunny morning, and within an hour one of them is dead. The books flips between the two main adult characters Kitty and Alison, who are sisters.

Kitty is in a care home. She has a head injury of some sort, and can go from from being a calm person, to an angry and violent individual. Alison is leading an introvert life, simply going back and forth from work. You can tell from the off that she leads a lonely life, and has no friends. Alison applies for a job at the local prison to teach art, as her job working in a local night-school is not paying enough. This is where the story starts to gain pace. Alison starts to receive threats in the post and at work, and she feels like someone is watching her.

Kitty has flashbacks, and can’t remember why she is where she is. She knows something bad happened, but is so frustrated that she can’t recall.

Who is out for revenge? What happened on that sunny day?

I am enjoying this book, i am desperate to know what happened, and who is seeking revenge. Alison and Kitty both become likeable characters as the story progresses. It’s a believable read, they didn’t get on as teenagers and it’s down to these issues, that events have escalated. The twists and turns, and the anticipation that someone is out for revenge has kept me engrossed, I can’t wait to finish this book and find out what happened.

(Runs to carry on reading now).

What books have you been reading this month?



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