Eylure Eyebrow Products Review

Eylure eyelashes are hands down my go to eyelash brand. I love their vast array of styles, their thin bands and their glue is my all time favourite.

I in all honesty didn’t know Eylure had such a wide eyebrow product range, and when I was sent these products to try I could not wait to give them a whirl.

Eyelure Eyebrow Products Review

As you can see there is so many goodies to get through, so lets get cracking.

Brow Magician (No 10 Dark Brown):

(For a quick, on the go natural brow)

This was the first product i reached for. There is a precision crayon at one end, and a tinted fixer gel duo at the other end. I was a little confused about where the tinted fixer gel duo was. But i was happy to see that at the side of the tube there was an image and a description. You unscrew the brown lid, and the brush is revealed. Like magic.

eylure eyebrow product

The precision crayon is the perfect match for my eyebrows, and i like that the crayon has a thin tapered edge. This makes it easy to create small, fine strokes through the brow. I start by defining the brow shape, and then fill in any gaps. I then brush through the brow with the tinted fixer gel duo. This is a really good quality 2 in 1 eyebrow product. I find i reach for this when I in a rush, as it is so quick and easy to use. It isn’t the most long lasting eyebrow product i have tried, but I find this is the case with most eyebrow crayons. (£11.95)

Brow Pomade (No 10 Dark Brown):

(For a long lasting, defined and waterproof brow)

Brow pomades are renowned for their dramatic finish, and I must admit I am always a little wary of them. I have a wobbly hand and as they can be so pigmented, there is no room for error. This product is incredibly pigmented and the smallest amount is needed. I use the precision brush and lightly dip into the pot. I use the brush and create small strokes to define the brow shape, and then brush through with their brow gel. I don’t tend to fill in with this as the finish is a little harsh for my liking, but a really good product in terms of longevity and creating a dramatic defined brow. (£8.95)

eylure eyebrow product

Brow Contour (No 10 Dark Brown):

(For a quick defined and contoured 2 in 1 brow )

I tend to have this in my make-up bag and find it incredibly useful to touch up my brows throughout the day. I particularly like the pencil to define and fill in the brows. The pencils are both pigmented and fool proof to use. I also really like the contour shade, it appears so natural on the skin, and it makes the arch of my brow appear more defined. (£8.95)

eylure eyebrow product



Brow Trio Defining & Shading Palette. (No 10 Dark Brown): 

(For a sculptured & defined brow)

This little palette is such an utter bargain. I reach for this when I am going all out applying my make-up. Using all 3 products leaves the brows looking defined, but all whilst looking natural. I use the brow wax to define the shape of the brow, the powder to fill in any gaps, and the highlight to create definition to the arch of the brow.

Priced at just £5 on Feel Unique at the mo. This palette is a great dupe of Benefit Brow Zings. Which i feel personally is over rated. The fall out from the Brow Zings in my opinion is horrendous. This is miles better in my opinion, and you also get an highlighting shade. Total gem! (RRP £9.95)

eylure eyebrow productEYLURE BROW PRODUCTS

Brow Control & Shape Gel:

(To set your brows in place)

I have thick corse and wild brows. An eyebrow gel is a must for me. I love that this brush is big and robust. It brushes through my eyebrows with ease and leaves them looking well groomed and set in place all day. The product is light, and it doesn’t clump the hairs together. What more do you need? (£6.25)

eylure eyebrow product

Precision Brush & Wand Duo:

This brush and spoolie is very sturdy and lightweight. The precision brush is small and dense, making it easy to use and make small and well defined strokes through the brow. The spoolie is robust, and brushes through my thick course eyebrow hair with ease. A really well made and thought out product. (£6.50)


Brow Stencils:

I have never used brow stencils before, so this was the product i was least excited to try. I just didn’t think I was a brow stencil type of gal. I am converted! With 4 brow stencil shapes to choose from. One is most likely to work for you. The stencil is light, and a bendy silicone material. I simply place the stencil over the eyebrow. It sits on the skin comfortably. I defined and filled in gaps through the brow using the brush above, and when i took the stencil away my brow shape looked incredible. It was defined, precise all whilst looking natural. Big thumbs up. (£4.95)

eylure eyebrow product

Overall I am so impressed with all the products i tried. Each product was the perfect colour match for me, and they was all such good quality, purse friendly and a pleasure to use.

I highly recommend that if you haven’t tried Eylure eyebrow products already, that you do.


 *Products featured on this post are press samples or gifted items. Please visit my Disclaimer here for more information.


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