The Brow Club Big ‘N’ Bushy Brow Kit

The Brow Club is situated in The Secret Warehouse Liverpool and is the original  “Brow Recovery” specialist. The Brow Club has an amazing reputation, and people come from near and far to experience the “Brow Recovery” treatment. The Brow Club offer an array of services, and you can find out about them all here

I have been going to The Brow Club for around 18 months, and my eyebrows have never looked better. Kate is truly passionate, and super talented in the ole brow department. I really wouldn’t go anywhere else now.

the brow club big n bushy brow kit

The Big ‘N’ Bushy Brow Kit has been created by The Brow Club to help you create big and bushy brows at home.

But whatever the style of brow you are wanting to achieve, this kit has got you covered.

The kit includes: The brow gel and a wand, and also an angled brush.

the brow club big n bushy brow kitbrow club

Housed in a mascara style tube, The Brow Club recommends that you use the angled brush to dip lightly onto the wand, and pick up a small amount of the gel. You then make light strokes through the brow, filling in any gaps. You then wipe the excess product off the wand, and brush through the brow – to style and set them. The gel technology locks colour and tiny hair fibres to the skin, creating a bigger and fuller brow. The gel is waterproof, smudge-proof and transfer-proof.

The product comes in a range of 4 colours: light brown, medium brown, dark brown, and there is also a clear gel option.

I was over the moon to find that the dark brown, was just that, and it had no warm undertones. Because as you can see below, my eyebrows are naturally very dark. This shade was the perfect match. HURRAYYYY!!

I dip the angled brush into the wand and pick up the smallest amount of gel. The product feels light and soft on the skin, and it’s incredibly pigmented. The angled brush handle is lightweight, and the brush is small and dense. This makes it very easy to create light, small and natural strokes through the brow. I start at the end of the eyebrow where the colour is naturally darker, and work my way in, filling any gaps. I then wipe the wand with some tissue, and brush through the eyebrow with the wand.

the brow club big n bushy brow kitthe brow club big n bushy brow kit

I am so impressed with the results. A tiny bit of brow gel, a light hand, and you can’t go far wrong with this product. This is the most long-lasting eyebrow product I have ever tried. I was out in the wind and rain yesterday, and my eyebrows didn’t budge. I couldn’t get over it. Not one hair had moved.

The Brow Club know eyebrows inside out, and this product is a reflection of that. It’s innovative, easy to use, and long-lasting. The fact that the tiniest amount of the gel is needed for each application, means this kit will also last you a very long time.

Priced at £19.99, I highly recommend.

More information, and where to buy this kit can be found here


 *Products featured on this post are press samples or gifted items.


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