*New Skincare Additions

As i have become older, and my skin has changed (sorry i mean aged haha) my sole focus is now keeping my skin in the best condition that i can.

Back in my early 20’s i was all about the MAKE-UP.

I was lucky if i wiped a wet wipe across my face.

(The shame huh?)

But now my passion and love has shifted to skincare.

I have been trailing some new products.

These are brands that are pretty new to me, so i thought why not give you all a quick run down of each product, and my thoughts.

*DHC Beauty Lift Eye Care Essence Roll-On:

*DHC Beauty Lift Eye Care Essence Roll-On:

I have been using this eye roll on, for 2 weeks now. I lost it for a day or two, and i was genuinely gutted as i had become so attached to it. Thankfully i found it behind my dresser.

You pump the stick and the serum dispensers on the roller balls. You roll the roller balls and cold serum around the eye area and it feels cooling, soothing and hydrating.

*DHC Beauty Lift Eye Care Essence Roll-On:

The serum has oat kernel extract, that firms and smoothes.

I was a little shocked that it only contained 6ml of serum, which is not much at all.

But when i tried it, i found that the serum is a really runny fluid so only a little is needed.

Under my eyes have looked puffy and have been dry, for around a month now.

A mixture of lack of sleep, and the cold weather.

This serum helps to hydrates the area, and the cold roller ball and serum sure helps the under eyes to feel less puffy.

In regards to them appearing less puffy, i would say no.

I genuinely only think a good nights sleep, and plenty of water is the answer to that.

But if you have suffered with puffy eyes before, then you will know that the feeling is so uncomfortable.

The whole eye area feels very heavy.

This product does help reduce this uncomfortable sensation, and leave the area hydrated.

I use it day and night, and for £20 i would repurchase.

*Cloud 9 Good Night Deep Sleep Nourishing Mask:

The name of this product grabbed my attention. It sounded perfect for my dry, dehydrated and dull skin.

The packaging appears high-end, and you dispense the product via a pump.

Good Night is rich in Vitamin A, B12 and E. It helps restore collagen and prevent wrinkles and fine lines.

It contains avocado oil, which apparently helps nourish the skin

The first time i used this i loved the scent and the way the product felt on the skin.

It felt soothing, cooling and very comfortable.

The day after a huge (i mean like really huge) spot appeared on my nose, i feel unfortunately it was down to this product.

It contains Petrolatum which is renowned for clogging pores.

I carried on using it, but just on my forehead, as this is were my skin has fine lines and can get extremely dry.

The reason i carried on using this product was my forehead did appear less dry, dehydrated and nourished.

And it still does.

I really like everything about this product, minus that hum dinger on my nose.

As i have explored skincare over the years, i do find that certain products don’t react well on certain parts of my face.

But can work really well on other parts.

(For example in recent years i avoid my chin area with any sort of skincare, as this is were i get really clogged pores and spots. I simply use an exfoliating mud mask on my chin twice a week, to help draw out any impurities.

But i daren’t use this sort of exfoliating product on my forehead, as it would make the area incredibly dry and dull).

So a bit of a mixed review in regards to this product, as it only works for me in one specific area.

I would love to know if you have tried this approach when applying skincare?

Have you tried any of the above products?


*Products featured on this post are press or gifted items.


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