*Instant Beauty Fix Event Liverpool

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the Instant Beauty Fix event, at The Clubhouse Liverpool 1.

Instant Beauty Fix are an online beauty stockist who have travelled all over the world to find a unique collection of beauty devices, skincare and cosmetics that deliver instant results. They offer affordable and pain free alternatives to surgery, injections and expensive treatments.

I had never heard of the online shop before, and i had the most wonderful night learning all about company, the brands and products they stock.

Instant Beauty Fix Event 

The environment was very chilled, and we enjoyed some tasty nibbles and drinks, all whilst hearing about the products that we had in our goodie bags.

Instant Beauty Fix Event 

Below are some of the products that were included in the goodie bag.

There was also a Beauty BLVD Glitter Lip Kit, (i think i left this on the table by accident, gutted) a set of Lash Unlimited eyelashes and a Morning Glamour Satin Pillowcase. (Sorry no pictures of these products as I either was so excited to use them, or left them behind, gutted x2).

I was chatting about the satin pillowcase over on my insta-stories a couple of weeks ago, and i am blown away by how my hair is now less frizzy and knotted each morning. I will forever sleep on a satin pillowcase, no more bed head for moi!

Below is a run-down of the products.

I have also included the description from the website, and my thoughts.

Instant Beauty Fix Event Liverpool
PonyDry Waterproof Hair Sleeve:

PonyDry, a game changer to the world of hair washing. With PonyDry you can keep the length of your hair dry while you wash where it counts… the roots.

I am lucky and do not get greasy roots, my hair is very dry. But i think this is an innovative idea, and i feel my friends would love to give this a whirl.

Instant Beauty Fix Event Liverpool
Instant Beauty Fix Event Liverpool
Freeze Frame Lip Injection:

At last! A technology that not only plumps lips and smooths lip wrinkles instantly, it’s clinically proven to stimulate fat so it poofs out lips and lip wrinkles long term – just like a real lip injection.

I have been using this product for a week now, and i love it. I have seen drastic improvements to the condition of my lips.

My lips are usually very dry, sore and chapped. Since i started using this my lips are smooth and my lipstick goes on like a dream.

It is better than any lip-balm i have ever tried. Even though it isn’t marketed as one. It’s a cream, and it tingles a little on application, but it’s not uncomfortable in any way. In regards to plumping the lips, i haven’t noticed anything as yet, but it does state it has to be used for 29 days. So i will report back.

Instant Beauty Fix Event Liverpool
The Brow Shaper:

The Brow Shaper by Lilibeth of New York sculpts and defines your eyebrows effortlessly. It also can be used on your lips, or across the face, exfoliating the skin using a popular technique called dermaplaning.

I think i will use the product across my skin opposed to my brow and lip area, i get dermaplaning done professionally, and I enjoy the treatment, so it will be nice to try at home.

Instant Beauty Fix Event Liverpool
MakeupboxLDN Makeup Hand Palette:

This tool allows you to place products onto the palette such as foundation, primers, eyeliners and other products hygienically.

This is a product i was so excited to try. I always dab foundations, eyeshadows on the back of my hand, and then forget to wash it off.

I will get to work and realise my hand is full of make-up.Major fail. It is such a simple idea, but one that is a must for any make-up addict.

Instant Beauty Fix Event Instant Beauty Fix Event 

Bronzie Got Your Back Tanning Mitt:

Are you always asking someone to help you tan your back because you can’t reach it? Well ask no more. Bronzie Got your Back Mitt is an innovative tanning must have that solves reaching all those hard to reach places on your body, resulting in a streak free, even tan.

I have seen this type of product before, and thought it was an amazing idea. We all struggle to tan our back, and backs of our legs.

I have tried this once, (not me in the pic below by the way haha) and i can confirm it does work.

You can wash it in the washing machine, and you could also use it to apply body lotion if you don’t wear fake tan.

Instant Beauty Fix

Avojo Skincare The Peel Of Mask:

With Avojo black peel off mask you no longer have to reveal your sins to people around you. It’s time to wipe the slate clean. Avojo black peel off mask cleanses in-depth and reduces the production of excess oil/fat and removes dead skin cells.

I don’t like peel off masks, i have tried them twice and they are not for me.

But i know a lot of people who do like them. Priced at £10 for 4 sachets, this is a great purse friendly price, and the reviews online, especially on Amazon seem really positive.

Karina Age Defying + Hand Mask for Ageing Skin and Dark Spots:

Karuna sheet masks help restore skin’s vitality by pushing serum deeper onto the skin surface where ingredients are needed the most. The mask + serum duo offers so much more than serum, clay or gel does on its own.

My Mum uses hand cream, and masks like no tomorrow so i passed these onto her. I can’t wait to hear what she thinks. I will be sure to let you all know her thoughts.

For me the winners are the satin pillowcase, make-up box, tanning mit, and the freeze frame lip injection.

If you are an beauty addict and a little bored of the same old products on the market, then i suggest you visit the Instant Beauty Fix website here.

Did any of these products catch your eye?

Let me know in the comments.


 *Products featured on this post are press samples or gifted items.

  * Visit my Disclaimer here for more information.


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